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Means to Improve Potency - Experience with Amante

Hello, I'd like to ask you which product you have tested for an erection you recommend. I bought Amante and I was disappointed, it was totally out of effect. Thank you, mz

when you look at the well-known side of herbal remedies for erection , you will see that Amante mentioned by you have several herbal ingredients. These herbal ingredients have real effects on improving erection but the ineffectiveness of the product is given by their small amount.

For example, ginseng , which has to be eaten in gram quantities , is contained in 150mg / capsule - it just does not fit it. Try increasing this dose one hundred times, ie 15g of red 6-year ginseng / day, and after 3 days you will see what will happen. ( I have it personally tested. )

Likewise, other herbs ( pink rosary , earth bayonet , eleuterokok , klanopraška ...) are contained in Amante in very small quantities. The reason is probably not the manufacturer's fault - on the contrary, Amante is a very well-established combination - but the smallness of the capsule. And they do not even have the right to tell you to take it in regular doses. Overdosed with these herbal supplements are unlikely to be at risk, but have been legislatively included under the laws on vitamins and minerals that are overdosed.

Once again, almost all of the products mentioned on my page of "natural erectile medications" contain well-built, effective combinations - they only require multiple doses. So I would advise you to get your ginseng and other herbs separately, and using the natural erection product you "underwhelmed" them. You are likely to see changes.


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