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Standardized herbal preparations

For important adaptogens, miraculous herbs and combinations of these, in addition to traditional blends, modern preparations have been developed to meet the requirements of the scientific pharmacy. They are standardized, ie there is a guaranteed content of active substances within tolerance limits. Whether they are semi-finished products or products in the final pharmaceutical form, they have scientifically documented key indications and other important parameters (such as safety in use). These are products at a higher professional level than regular tinctures and herbal powders that overwhelm the market, so give them priority if you can afford them. Often these are groups with significant scientific credentials. For example, Italian researchers in the group around the G118 standardized ginseng extract were the first to clinically confirm the nootropic properties of this adaptogen.

It can be said that the natural raw materials of standardization and pharmaceutical processing generally benefit (making them more effective). But the problem is when the state exaggeratedly engages and conducts on the problems that people can and should solve by themselves according to the rules of capitalism (herbs, medicine, healing ...), while abstractedly avoiding and actually lacking the capabilities and possibilities to solve taboo problems , where the teeth of the market economy are too weak (eg human evolution and other eschatology).