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Boris Štítnicka

Boris Štítnický

Here I have for you to sort your resume to help you understand what I am and what I was doing. But I must emphasize that this is not a general biography, but is only written from the perspective of the specific topic, which they are devoted.

My contact with drugs began in early childhood. My mother was a doctor and acted in them great faith: diazepam, meprobamate, Alnagon old Algena, piperidinyl ... Then came Rohypnol, a great rarity "Western" Brufen, and then after the revolution of those names have proliferated. But that's getting ahead of myself.

Drugs I got as a child too. To sleep, tranquilizers, antibiotics, all the time. My mother meant well. On knowledge he had an excellent memory: She gave me only medication that read that have very low load on the liver. So I avoided the diazepam, which was dependent on my mother, and Alnagon, which was dependent on my grandmother. Deeper problems my mom not suspect. We lived in a village, and so - because doctors under the previous regime had greater access to medicines - I have a 5-year became a kind of drug distributor. For service and a favor in the village had applied drugs, mainly Alnagon. Many times I walked the village green and was taking Alnagon known to like the attention, not as thankful. I wore it to his teacher at a music school, my grandmother's girlfriends, craftsmen consider that we repaired bicycles and custom-made molds for baking ...

When I first met with the medical literature, which was our home library is full. I was not able to understand fiction or mathematical formulas of his father's books, so I only read medical books and fairy tales. Mechanisms of effects of drugs but then I did not yet understand, and even I did not find it interesting. It seemed strange why adults devote so much attention to drugs.

I grew up, against the wishes of the mother I have not studied medicine but physiology at Charles University, majoring in neurobiology. Even before finishing my studies my uncle died of liver failure. He was dependent on Alnagon and combined it with alcohol. Even then I still do not. I thought that progress going forward, replacing old with new drugs and will be problems. After graduating I came into contact with Chinese herbs (ie. Traditional Chinese Medicine), I started to write about them and at the request of readers also sell by mail order. I decided that I will not resemble those in plants from stress the aspect of emergency quackery, but the scientific side of their goods do not understand. Phytochemistry of medicinal plants supplied I rehearsed so that I could teach her a doctor, and I could compare them side by side with the effects of other herbs and conventional medicines. Not an easy task, but these are things that I head. I founded this informational site on adaptogens and I helped with the founding of a shop of herbs and adaptogens . Then came protibylinné legislation, or rather, we realized that the coming into force of the laws against medicinal plants that have been in preparation long before.

The negative effects of conventional medicines to my field of vision appeared again. Women suffering from dependence on GABA agonists type Diazepam I met in the future. The drug is now called Zolpidem is "non-benzodiazepine", but works just like Valium (see explanation Radkina Honzák ). On this occasion, I have studied materials of Dr. James Duke , the world's most respected expert on medicinal plants of all cultures of the world. That explains why the herbal substances contained in principle less harmful than synthetic substances. I realized that since my childhood routine medications have not changed, any progress they occurred. Changed only the names of drugs, not their mechanisms of action. Gradually I was - in an effort to protect medicinal plants - study the statistics and found that the US is dependent on the GABA agonists, 30 million women. That of the ten thousands of deaths due to "adverse effects" play a prim drugs whose composition is exactly the same as Alnagon.

Then I opened my eyes. I recently saw a TV show that said that the GABA agonist in some (re) civilized countries regularly use up to 30% of women. I realized that the world population of women in the evening in a big drugs. While men in pubs, women at home quietly taking legal substitute for alcohol (that is also GABA agonist). This "sedative" in the population of women in a large cause psychosis and require many months of cessation (I also personally observed) antidepressants bupropion, used in quitting other heavy dependence.

I and others who write honestly about medicinal plants, therefore in any case not opposed to scientific medicine. We are not even on it, billions of sales take away drug sellers. It is just about to, at least a small section of people open the option of choosing to treat something that is harmless and a bit of luck really helps. Drug dealers in white gloves but today medicinal plants look just like an enemy gang, which has to be forced out of the territory. From people like me are not expected to have its own initiative. It is expected that they employ in a pharmaceutical company and 28,000 gross will see to it, as in a large vat shuffles "sleeping pill" for half the country. Begging your pardon, I become this or that, Svejk, Aesop, Saturnin, Jeeves, but this dear lords I can recommend. It is professionally a bit complicated, but the technical, totally non-political topic of current drugs and drug addiction can be demonstrated that the commercial "coordination" not only serves the majority, nor any other human group. People engaged in legislation protibylinné face so mysteriously, as if they stood for at least Masonic lodge, but it is only a pose. In fact, it connects just not thinking and willingness to sell their intelligence in favor of emergent phenomena, whose nature is human control. Can we expect that these people will behave the same way and to other emergent phenomena in computer networks, CCTV systems, wiretapping and eventually genetic manipulation, which, as I said long ago , Francis Fukuyama , to humanity is the maximum danger. I would be happy if we helped this type of activity in our people better.

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