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Traditional Chinese medicine with the eyes of a gentleman

Many of the adaptogenes, including the model adaptogen - ginseng of the right ( Panax ginseng ) - owe their discovery to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, the study of adaptogens represents only a scientific view that can not be confused with the field of the TČM itself.

TČM is not a scientific discipline

Warning: This statement is not intended as an offense. I have a deep respect for TČM medicine, although I am a scientist from the TČM's point of view. TČM Medicine is a special subject, something like a doctorate in alchemy. Due to the need to study in medicine, TČM fully equals the title of MUDr., But TČM is not based on the scientific method, but on the teaching of jin and yang , a kind of Chinese Kabbalah. So, from the point of view of science, TCM belongs to one bag together with astrology, Carpathian sciences and ThDr. Zdeněk Kratochvíl, Dr.

TCM and science do not speak together, just look over their shoulders and look at the methods of competition. These two disciplines do not mix even if they are linked in one individual in the form of a double doctorate MUDr. + TČM. Such doctors are found in Asia in the best hospitals where they are in charge of a special department of herbs and traditional methods of health insurance. From a formal point of view, however, it is similar to when a Catholic priest with the title MUDr. In addition, in medical practice, he gives the sacrament of anointing the sick.

But: From the point of view of scientific medicine, the TČM plants are lege artis

From the point of view of our (= scientific) medicine, TČM plants are treated just like any other plant. Their properties are investigated clinically and experimentally in the same way as for any other presumed drug. Knowledge of the TCM is only considered as inspiration. To the praise of TČM can be said that the inspiration is reliable: For the vast majority of plants used, the efficiency in the area of indications given by the TCM is proved. However, it is important that scientific medicine does not draw conclusions from the TCM, but only from scientific studies inspired by TČM - therefore, the use of medicinal plants of TČM in a scientifically proven (or presumed) range ranks as standard rather than alternative methods of medicine. MUDr. Physicians are gradually beginning to understand - only those more busy need to explain it a little longer.

Of the alternative methods, TČM is the most impressive

TCM is among the alternative methods to those dignified and is the only one I wear and search for myself. I have visited many different medical offices of the TCM many times and I am personally satisfied with the results. Otherwise, for TCM, what applies to alternative medicine in general applies: That everyone has to think of it yourself. Science can not approve or refute these methods. If someone in Czech leagues finds the right doctor of the TCM and entrusts himself to his care, science has nothing to say. And from a human point of view, I would only say that it makes little sense to choose a magician's doctor if we do not intend to follow his instructions carefully.

Summary: If you go to a doctor, follow the instructions and take no account of what I or other scientists say about the medicinal plants of TČM :-)

| 24.5.2012