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Chewing ginseng (for theorists)

Chewing ginseng is not any more complicated than sucking candy. (Red Ginseng is of course a non-sweet). In fact, it would not be talking about chewing because the slice bite, but mostly sucks. It's not what you read about this business, but try it. On sucking ginseng is nothing special, everyone can boldly follow intuition. But because - as he knew Moliere - people like to instruct on simple things, here is a brief theory of the use of red ginseng sucking:

What happens when you chew ginseng

Chewing is a matter of personal preference, taste and sometimes practicality. For example, health-abiding driver may have ginseng in the drawer at the wheel. It does not always have time to make ginseng tea , but sliced ginseng has on hand at the beginning of a long journey one or more slices placed in the mouth. Slice quality six-year ginseng, such as ginseng Korea Insam , in the first minutes of glassy hard, probably as hard candy, but in his mouth surface soon soften and begin to him to release panaxosidy and other content substances, responsible for the characteristic flavor and aroma of ginseng . Red ginseng is modified in such a way that even if the dry hard and durable, in the wetted state has a fiber consistency, and when sucking disintegrates. This will expose deeper layer still nezvlhčeného wafer and the process is repeated until complete consumption, just like candy. Sucking together with the enzyme ptyalin contained in saliva causes the ginseng slice, the extraction would be at 37 ° C in still lasted for many hours, is consumed in the course of about 15 minutes. It is also about the time when they begin to slowly get on its first short-term effects of improved alertness and mental activity. Ginseng is therefore teeth to chew like bubble gum, vycucaný slice with nevyplivuje. It would also be a shame, because the fiber ginseng are captured specific proteoglycans ( "polysaccharides") , with the extraction can handle up to protease in the stomach.

| 30.1.2013