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Vigorous blood pressure

Hello, I have always had a very low pressure, and in the last year I have seen that it will sometimes increase significantly. It is probably a fluctuating type. I searched for information and encountered your site. I would like to ask if you would recommend me the use of ginseng root in this case. Sincerely, Libuše.

Hello, Mrs. Libuse.

I have been forwarded to your inquiry. It seems that your fluctuating elevated blood pressure may not be one of the most common types of hypertension. This is why I fully refer to what I have been saying in response to another interviewer about the need for an enlightened physician to use adaptogens for the treatment of serious indications: Living with hypertension

You can find more answers to my questions on the page: Readers' Questions

My more general summary of the effect of ginseng on hypertension can be found here: Ginseng Causes Extension of Blood and Blood Pressure Reduction

Otherwise, in your query about your fluctuating blood pressure, you do not write enough detail to tell you anything more specific about your problem. One thing you seem to do right: You regularly measure your blood pressure, otherwise you could not know that you will only increase sometimes. This gives you a better chance of cure than it is with hypertension. I wish you to find your enlightened physician of knowledgeable natural remedies and adaptogens and to overcome your health problems.


| 3.11.2011

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