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When someone asks us to imagine a typical fool us most likely comes to mind schizophrenic, posing as archbishop and the emperor. Despite a kind of definition of schizophrenia is in practice little more than a code name for "ordinary madness".

File disease called schizophrenia monolithic your existence maintains, it seems to me, mainly because of their "successful" treatment with antagonists of dopamine . Inactivation of dopamine pathways is the key that fools miraculously calms down, making it easier to manage staff madhouse, or they may even get rid of in home treatment. (Before you start to wonder where my gall to say a fool and a madman, read about the latest trends nosonym .) It is said that once popular lobotomy works precisely because it interrupts the dopamine pathway leading from the VTA to the front lobe of the brain. Psychiatric hammer haloperidol for schizophrenia, also called chemical lobotomy. Haloperidol for a long time blocked dopamine pathway without destroying half of the patient's brain wiring. Workers psychiatric hospitals to haloperidol et al. do not know praise, popular has been the forerunner of chlorpromazine.

By increasing the number of reviews (including my own), but schizophrenia is not primarily dopaminergic disease. Haloperidol - like lobotomy - rather causes sufferers to lose the madness of its interest insane program. There is interesting work that builds schizophrenia in close connection with creative thinking. In this interpretation, the manifestation of schizophrenia was anomalous creativity.

Before studying the topic of schizophrenia get further voucher not least the effects of ginseng in protecting dopaminergic neurons from dying .

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