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Taking lingzhi mushroom

Properties lingzhi mushroom were first discovered Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). She tells her, "Ling-chi", or "mushroom Immortals" (Japanese title is reis). If we Reishi prescribing practices TCM, also prescribe the dosage. Lingzhi mushroom but also used as part of cancer treatment and as a food supplement for prevention of lifestyle diseases.

(A) Use of Reishi to treat cancer

Lingzhi mushroom is one of the most effective natural anti-tumor agents . It can be combined with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgical treatment of tumors. (In connection with chemotherapy and radiotherapy recall that even the most powerful medical tool to regenerate the immune system after radiation or chemotherapy is true ginseng.) The treatment of cancer is critical applications lingzhi mushroom. It is significant to note that Reishi mushroom and other anti-cancer mushrooms only improve the chances. Small medical miracle with Reishi occur occasionally, the Chinese name "mushroom immortal" but in no case can not be taken literally.

For these reasons, also in cancer patients Reishi maximize benefits to a level that is healthy users already considered relatively unnecessary. The aim in the initial phase of treatment Reishi mushroom as much exercise its anticancer at a time when the tumor is a new type of treatment is still sensitive :

dosage recommendations

For the initial phase of treatment, the recommended daily dose 3-5 times a day to take 5-15 grams quality dried lingzhi mushroom fruiting bodies.

It's a high dose. Reishi is an adaptogen so do not worry about the side effects, but the problem can be a burden to the digestive system (especially in weakened patients undergoing chemotherapy), particularly if this can achieve the benefits should swallow large amounts of e.g. capsules powdered Reishi mushroom fruiting bodies. In such high dosage is preferable to use either plodnicový powder free (i.e. without capsules), which is consumed mixed in a glass of clean lukewarm water, or even better, use plodnicový concentrate having a much smaller quantity of powder comprising the active ingredient significantly more fruiting bodies (the number of times concentrate is stronger many times less grams per dose). The dose should be taken between meals to avoid potential reduction effect.

Such high dosages are maintained during the first year of treatment. This maximizes any potential positive effects for the patient. Whether it be a mere prolongation of survival or complete remission. If during treatment will significantly improve the condition of the patient, the use of high doses was continued until complete remission, after which the dose can be Reishi gradually reduced to normal dosage levels as adaptogen Reishi. At these low doses Reishi patient should continue until the end of life.

But it can also happen that the improvement does not occur or occurs only temporary improvement. In this case, one year about period for which tumor cells adapt to a new type of therapy and high dose during this period of guarantee that the maximum effect of Reishi apply in the period when tumor cells are against it even thou-so sensitive and that thus maximizing the survival of the patient. After this time, if the condition does not improve, the dose may be reduced or discontinued altogether Reishi.

Selecting Reishi

Needless surely emphasize that in severe indications such as cancer, it is necessary to use high-quality drug. Rather, I pointed out that even high-quality products in the treatment of cancer really need to see to it that your child has swallowed a proper quantity of powder or powder concentrate. I would say that is not enough to do such. Reishi slices of tea (even good), it is really necessary powder / concentrate swallow or quantitatively drink mixed with water.

(B) is used as a glossy Reishi adaptogen

Lingzhi mushroom particularly in the Chinese tradition considers very powerful adaptogen, a resource that can be used generally to improve the resilience and adaptability of the organism.

The Reishi mushroom, however, not be familiar (not to feel the effect). It can be assessed earlier than after a few days to a few weeks of use, but again that's not clear if he felt any changes to the health conscience Reishi, or other lifestyle factors. Taking as an adaptogen Reishi is why even today based solely on faith in the knowledge and tradition of TCM.

While the treatment of cancer patients as a direct threat to life as to maximize the effect of the fungus, with the use of Reishi as an adaptogen user has greater freedom in the choice of dosing and is also a mistake to use less medication less concentrated. Specific example dosage would be:

  • 1-3 times a day to enjoy 300-1500mg powdered Reishi mushroom fruiting body lustrous

It can therefore take the lowest dose (1 x 300mg per day, i.e. about 1 capsule) up to doses comparable dosing in cancer treatment (3 x 1500mg per day). It is also not necessary to use a concentrate enough common powdered fruiting bodies. Digestive system, moreover, the extraction of active ingredients Reishi no problem - cancer patients, the concentrate serves mainly to their digestive system does not burden the plurality of capsules and fungal fiber. Few of non-professionals can imagine what a burden for the patient undergoing chemotherapy and many other drugs while taking.

If you use it as an adaptogen Reishi can also experiment: Trying to cheaper products, products made of spores from the mycelium, Reishi mushroom found in the woods or grown at home in the shed ... In the treatment of cancer is the contrary advisable to choose a reliable plodnicový concentrate.

Other potentially anticancer fungi

Additionally, you can use other potentially anti-cancer mushrooms. They are less explored than Reishi, but often very promising. They are used along with Reishi mushroom and in such dosage Reishi JEKO had ever been.

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