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What is known as lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

Good reputation Reishi leads to the fact that the products with the label "lingzhi mushroom" or "Ganoderma lucidum" is a market shortage. But we have to be careful what exactly under this label hides. There are basically four categories of products known as Reishi (Ganoderma):

  1. Dried lingzhi mushroom fruiting bodies.
    The only traditional manner of use is the use of Reishi dried fruiting bodies and extract from it , either alone or in combination with other drugs. It may be fruiting whole, sliced or powdered. The powder can be either loose or packaged in capsules, which are labeled as powdered fruiting. Higher content of active substances in the mushroom product achieves extraction. Plodnicové extracts can be either a liquid or a concentrated powder form. Reishi is rarely found in nature and therefore fruiting sell practically always grow on wooden billets in special plantations .
  2. Products from the mycelium and primordia.
    Mycelium here is shiny Reishi mushroom mycelium grown in vitro (ie. Artificially). Reishi is a long-standing and the cultivation of the mycelium in vitro production of fungal biomass shortened to a few days. Word primordium (germs Torus) denotes bumps after about 7 days of growth will begin to appear on the agar surface. Of those would normally built and later fruiting bodies. Mycelium and primordium is then processed by extraction and packaged in the form of capsules or tablets. In traditional Chinese medicine, this production method is not supported.
  3. Reishi spore print glossy.
    It is not a traditional product. Spore print mostly obtained as a byproduct cultivation Torus under which in each grow room during their growth accumulates. Although the spore print contains a similar active ingredient as fruiting bodies, but they are closed in Pteridosperms packaging (sporodermu) and thus are less available. Quantitatively contains more fat and less proteoglycan (specific "polysaccharide"). Its advantage is a good particle size small, uniform size, which makes it suitable for cosmetics eg. As a powder.
  4. Products with the addition of Reishi mushroom shiny coffee, toothpaste, instant mixtures etc.
    The effectiveness of these products (as compared with conventional powdered fruiting bodies) depends on the quantity and quality was in them lingzhi mushroom added. For products containing other active substances (e.g. caffeine in coffee Reishi mushroom) is also applicable as such, which is required when taking into account. These products normally are not intended for treatment and Reishi contained therein tends rather secondary importance relative to the main function of the product.

Another source of uncertainty is the Reishi in taxonomy, or rather a particular species within a taxon determination of Ganoderma lucidum agg. Which may have an impact on the content of active ingredients.

| 7.8.2008