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Out-of-the-box ( Trametes versicolor , formerly Coriolus versicolor )

Outcome varied is a medicinal sponge whose glycoproteins have immunomodulatory and anticancer effects ( Sekhon2016esi ). In this indication, the outcoat is popularly popular in Japan. Out-of-the-box variety grows abundantly even in us, but due to its rigid consistency it is inedible and must be powdered or prepared as an extract before use.

Proteoglycan (PSK) is effective against several types of cancer ( Jimenezmedina2008ipi , Fisher2002aem , Eliza2012eyz ), including breast cancer ( Standish2008tvm ), colorectal cancer ( Kanoh1994eae , Kobayashi1995aep ) and leukemia ( Wan2010pdc ).

Glycoprotein content of the cultured offspring can be analyzed by chromatographic and other biochemical methods ( Rau2009psa ), specific anticancer activity but these methods are not measured. When using a free-flowing outflow, it is necessary to take care of the purity of the source, because the mushrooms in nature have a great ability to concentrate heavy metals ( Dogan2006cms ).

Other uses

The outmoded variety is able to decompose a range of waste materials of wood (paper) and synthetic origin. Its fungus is used for the decomposition of wood waste, straw, lignin, paper extracts, sewage sludge, phenol, phenanthrene, triterpenoids, synthetic dyes, pharmaceuticals, mycotoxins, etc. ( Martinkova2016bpc ).

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