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Taking ginseng at high blood pressure (hypertension)

After blood pressure 120/80 I have 2 years 150/105 and I am quite desperate. I feel and hear the "hard work" of the heart. Will ginseng help me? Thank you, I hope to survive. Thank you. Marie

Ladies and gentlemen,

I do not know if the ginseng will help you, but due to its chemical composition it has a chance to do so. I would even say that ginseng has a better chance in the long run than calcium channel blockers or angiotensin convertase, which somebody has already prescribed.

The chance that your ginseng will help will depend on your happiness, health disposition, and above all on the type of your hypertension. The main issue on this issue I have already written here: ginseng causes blood vessels to enlarge and lower blood pressure . For various types of hypertension, ginseng can reduce vascular resistance by relaxing blood vessels, stabilizing mental stress and improving capillary growth .

Tens of studies have also shown that ginseng mitigates the course of stroke , the main threat of pressure. The most common type of hypertension - primary hypertension - is also associated with coronary artery disease. Here, ginseng also has a chance to help limit the further growth of atheromas that are now known to be essentially an immunological problem .


| 7.3.2009

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