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The use and dosage of fungal cancer


once you've contacted your answer really helped, now I would, but still needed some advice, I hope not mind me, I'm behind your willingness extremely grateful. Then I asked about the treatment options for my grandmother using lingzhi mushroom, you answered me as follows: Liver cancer in elderly patients - potential treatment Reishi mushroom and medicinal mushrooms .

Meanwhile, we have this mushroom ordered from another company, details about it, please send in the appendix. Grandmother had enjoyed two capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening and still enjoyed mycoimun where there are also other fungi from the beginning 3x a day later only 1x per day, now we Reishi there and we would prefer to switch to that you recommended your company Taiwan TCM , writing, it is appropriate to take the dosage 3000-5000mg day, but we really do not understand whether it is the plodnicový extract 5x concentrated if we're somehow divide by five, or if we have to count mg of concentrate. I know it sounds silly about, but could not you please tell us exactly how many capsules daily and extract exactly how much to take? We would not then follow that they knew how much we have booked for a month, power would help us, my grandmother had already fungus occurs remains a benefit for seven days, and we would not want to catch the order this preparation so that it directly followed on the previous and most importantly we do not want to make a mistake in dosage. Otherwise, I have to give the truth that really oncologists effects of this fungus completely overlooked, even our doctor claimed that mushrooms are harmful to let anything like that grandmother does not. I thought I still send in Annex latest report from sona liver, if you do not need to provide any information by which you would have to adjust the dosage. It is true that November 15 was the largest department of a large 1 cm and is now already four centimeters large which is quite fast, on the other hand we are glad that the tumor has so far held only in the liver and not expanding further. I do not know if this information is important to you in determining dosage, but I tried to provide as much information as possible.

Really thank you very much
Wishing a beautiful day Jana N.


I would like to apologize for the fact that I did not have time to reply on time. I also knew what direction proceeded about the fate of your patient. I am writing this response by the motto better late than never. I hope that if nothing else, will you at least psychological encouragement and assurance that your choice of complementary treatment anticancer mushrooms was correct.

dosage hub

If I'm completely honest, dosage hub is not clear. Does not apply there is quite a dose response effects. Even a relatively small dose lingzhi mushroom , Trametes versicolor and other medicinal mushrooms has significant potential to stimulate the immune system to destroy cancer cells - so at least their effect largely explains. When the dose increases will also increase the effect, but not proportionally to dose. Therefore, for example in lingzhi mushroom we recommend 3000-5000mg concentrate daily in patients diagnosed with cancer, which is a much larger dose than 3000-5000mg (nekoncetrovaného) plodnicového powder daily recommended for previously healthy people with an increased risk of cancer. (Increased risk with such thinking. Tumor with high inheritance in the immediate family, chemical or radiation burden on the environment etc.)

Therapeutic and preventive dosage Reishi also describe here .

The decision to treat liver cancer Reishi mushroom was correct

If your doctor says that fungi are harmful and "let anything like that grandmother does not," he would have his claim somehow qualify. So tell more about what specific fungi talking and why and in what doses are harmful, according to him. Allegations of harmfulness is definitely a void in lingzhi mushroom, whether it is a ground fruiting body, concentrate, or any other part of Reishi. Reishi is among adaptogens and is 100% proof that it has no adverse effects. If the doctor stood in a debate with me face to face that you saw how they ran. Claiming that the doctor would also disagreed significant number of patients who are due lesklokorce and other anticancer fungi included in the statistics of those who undergo cancer treatment after complete recovery.


| 7.7.2012

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