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Shot and swollen blood pressure

Hello, I have a plea. I am 70 years old and at least 14 years I take high pressure pills. A week ago the pressure began to fluctuate, perhaps the cause of the doctor was a backlash. I found Ginseng today in search of help. So I want to ask about the possible use and whether to dispose of drugs, which I would be afraid of. Please reply and thank you in advance. Queen.

Dear Mrs Regino,

I congratulate you on your ability to come up with little-known information about adapters that reduce elevated blood pressure . I should rather say normalizing blood pressure, because just the normalization effect on physiological parameters is the domain of the adapotogenes - even if their dosing is exceeded, there will be no unwanted or excessive effects.

The causes of fluctuations in your blood pressure may be many and your doctor is in a much better position than me in their determination. Furthermore, I have never recommended anyone to take drugs, and not drugs for hypertension at all. It is usually the case that patients who have a problem with the side effects of drugs are trying to quit themselves and look for a less harmful natural alternative for them.

I always say to these patients that the recommendations are only material to consider for a good doctor who is, of course, familiar with the effects of medicines both industrial and natural. I also say that a good doctor must also be a detective, because healing plants have a lot of nonsense, whether from non-professional herbalists or rentals of natural medicines paid by manufacturers of industrial medicines.

But back to your case. Start by trying a sliced ginseng - you will learn about its effect by taking a high dose for several days . Subsequently, you can reduce the dose with long-term use. The experience gained will also allow you to assess the efficacy of other ginseng preparations .

Ginseng - instructions for use

For hypertension, ginseng is not a completely reliable drug: it sometimes takes and sometimes does not. Ginseng also has a certain chance of helping with your back pain . But if your problems do not improve within two weeks, you will know that ginseng does not work with you and it does not make sense to try it further. A longer observation time is necessary because ginseng also acts by changing gene expression and it will only manifest after a few days.

I repeat that the withdrawal of drugs against high blood pressure is by no means necessary. I never recommended it on my own initiative, although I do not exclude such a possibility. After quitting, they are only asking for some patients suffering from side effects of hypertension medications. I emphasize that any changes in the treatment of a serious indication such as hypertension should be approved and directed by a physician.


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