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Medicinal plants

Here is an overview of all the medicinal plants mentioned on this site. Separately see an overview of curative algae and healing fungi . A substantially shorter list of classical and overweight adaptogens is necessarily incomplete - waiting for pharmacologists to wake up and adapt the drug to the needs of today's century. Many drugs are promising adaptogens, but most of them are unadapted. Nonadaptogens include highly toxic plants (so-called poisoning), listed below .

Overview of medicinal (and utility) plants

Strongly poisonous plants

Adaptogens contrast with highly toxic species. They are often treated as healing because they are often classified as Paracelsus medications in a low dose . Hold is also comprised of our Decree No. 245/1997 Coll. about medicinal plants, which makes them "powerful" and "very potent" plants.

  • Antiaris toxicaria - a poisonous tree from East Asia, heart glycosides
  • Adonis vernalis - highly effective (understand poisonous), cardiac glycosides
  • Kalaba oboe ( Calophyllum inophyllum ) - a highly effective, excellent biodiesel
  • Lily of the valley ( Convallaria majalis ) - deadly strong
  • cruciferous ( Strophantus gratus ) - deadly powerful
  • Strychnos nux-vomica - fatally strong
  • Red Fox ( Digitalis purpurea ) - fatally strong
  • ( Aconitum plicatum ) - fatally heavily efficacious, curative
  • Ligustrum vulgare - poisonous, healing
  • Aristolochia clematitis - a violent poisonous plant of the festoon
  • ( Bryonia alba ) - very poisonous, healing
  • ( Bryonia dioica ) - very poisonous, healing
  • Atropa bella-donna - fatally powerful, healing
  • Ricinus communis - a very powerful, technical oil
  • Common Abore ( Abrus precatarius ) - Deadly Highly Efficient
  • virgin tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacum ) - a miraculous family, deadly powerful
  • Peruvian tequila ( Cascabela thevetia , formerly Thevetia peruviana ) - a deadly powerful tropical shrub
  • ( Vernicia fordii , also Aleurites fordii ) - a violent poisonous tree from whose seeds the tung oil is pressed
  • pumpkin sprays ( Ecballium elaterium ) - toxic, medicinal, laxative as a colloquy
  • urginea seaside ( Drimia maritima , also Urginea maritima ) - deadly strong

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