Dear visitor, this is a machine-translated article. It makes perfect sense in its original language (Czech), and is fully backed by independent scientific literature. The translation, though, is far from perfect and takes patience and imagination, if you decide to read it.

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The content of the adaptogeny site is original and is the property of its authors. Any copy of the content or portions of the content of this site is prohibited except in the following cases:

  • Use of part of the content with express written permission by the authors
  • use part of the content in a quote

Rules for citing site adaptogeny :

  1. The information received and parts of the text must be listed and marked (eg in quotation marks) as quotations. It must be clear which parts of the text the exact citation relates to.
  2. Quotes must include a hyperlink to the source page on our site.
  3. Graphic that has the character of text can be used under the same conditions as text. These include chemical structure patterns, taxonomic trees, and so on. If you use them in the unchanged form, you will include them with the words "downloaded from" + hyperlink to the source page. If you only use information and graphics you are redrawing yourself, you can quote by "edit by" + hyperlink to the source page.
  4. Graphics that have the character of images (photographs, drawings) can be used only with the written consent of the authors.
  5. The source URL of a specific article has the format, where xxxx is the number.

These rules may sound somewhat strict, for which we apologize to honest readers and writers. This is because of the bad experience we have had with the plagiarists. The goal of the rules is not to restrict the normal use of our site. If you use our site as a resource and you behave fairly, you have nothing to worry about.

If you have a deeper interest in the topic of adaptogen ...

... then I will love when you write to me. I'm willing to offer a deeper cooperation or make available some of the primary sources cited.