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Use glossy gloss

The glossy gloss properties were first discovered by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She calls her "ling-or", a "sponge of immortals" (the Japanese name is a story ). If the glossary prescribes the practice of the TCM, it will also prescribe its dosing. Glossy gloss is also used as a part of cancer treatment and also as a food supplement for the prevention of civilization diseases.

(A) Use of glans for the treatment of cancer

Glossy gloss is one of the most effective natural anti-cancer agents . It can be combined with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgical treatment of tumors. (In connection with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, let's recall that the most powerful medical device for regeneration of the immune system after irradiation or chemotherapy is ginseng right.) Treatment of cancer is a critical application of shiny gloss. It is important to realize that gloss and other anti-cancerous fungi only improve chances. A small medical miracle is sometimes seen in a glossy eye, the Chinese name "the immortal sponge", but in no case can it be literally taken.

For these reasons, oncology patients also maximize glaucoma doses to levels that are considered relatively unnecessary in healthy users. The goal is to use as much as possible the anti-cancer treatment at the beginning of the treatment with glossy cork at a time when the tumor is still sensitive to the new type of treatment :

Dosage recommendations

For the initial phase of treatment, the recommended daily dose of 3 to 5 times a day is to use up to 5-15 grams of high-quality dried glomerular glomerule .

It's a high dose. Glucose is an adaptogen, so we do not have to worry about side effects, but it can be a problem for the digestive system (especially in chemo patients undergoing chemotherapy), especially if this dose is to be achieved by swallowing a large amount of, for example, a capsule of powdered glans. With such high dosages, it is preferable to use either the fetal powder free (ie without the capsules) that is consumed in a glass of pure lukewarm water, or even better use of an otter concentrate which, in a much smaller amount of powder, contains the active substances of a substantially larger quantity of the fertilizer the concentrate is stronger, as many times as fewer grams per dose). The dose should be taken between meals to avoid potential side effects.

This high dosage is maintained during the first year of treatment. This maximizes any potential positive effect in the patient. Whether it's just a prolongation of the survival time or a complete remission. If a patient's condition is significantly improved during treatment, high doses are continued until complete remission, after which doses of glossy-acid can be progressively reduced to the level of normal dosage of glossy-acid as an adaptogen. At these low doses of gloss should the patient continue for the rest of his life.

However, it may also happen that improvement will not occur or only temporary improvement will occur. In that case, 1 year is about a period of time for tumor cells to adapt to the new type of treatment and high dosing during this period to ensure that the maximum gloss effect is applied when the tumor cells are even more sensitive to it and that thus maximizing the survival time of the patient. After this time, if the condition does not improve, we can reduce the doses or completely discontinue the gloss.

Selection of glossy glass

I certainly do not have to emphasize that it is necessary to use a good medicine for such a serious indication as cancer. Rather, I would emphasize that even in the case of quality products, in the case of cancer treatment, it is really necessary to ensure that the patient is swallowed with an appropriate amount of powder or powdered concentrate. I would say that it is not enough to make, for example, tea from shiny slices (even if quality), it is really necessary to swallow the powder / concentrate or to mix quantitatively in the water.

(B) Glossy glitter used as an adaptogen

Glossy gloss, especially in Chinese tradition, is considered a very powerful adaptogen, a means that can be used in general to improve the body's resistance and adaptability.

However, it is not possible to get acquainted with the glossy eye (it does not feel the effect). This can be assessed at the earliest after a few days or weeks of use, but it is not clear whether any perceived health changes are due to a glossy or other life-style factor. Therefore, the use of glossy glass as an adaptogen is based only on the belief in the knowledge and tradition of TCM.

While it is about treating the oncology patients in a direct life-threatening situation, maximizing the effect of the fungus, using the glossy tablet in the role of the adaptogen, the user has more freedom in choosing dosing and is also less likely to use less concentrated preparations. A specific example of dosing would be:

  • 1-3 times a day take 300-1500mg of powdered trichomes glossy glossy

Thus, it can be taken from the lowest doses (1 × 300mg per day, ie approximately 1 capsule) up to doses comparable to those for cancer treatment (3 × 1500mg daily). It is also not necessary to use a concentrate, just a regular powdered trunk. Moreover, the digestive system does not have a problem with the extraction of glossy active substances - the concentrate is given to cancer patients mainly because their digestive system does not burden the amount of capsules and mushroom fiber. Few of the nonprofessional are able to imagine the burden on the patient to undergo chemotherapy and how many other medicines they take.

Trying to use the glossy ice as an adaptogen, you can also experiment: Test cheaper products, spice products, mycelium, shingle found in the woods, or grown in a shed at home ... Instead, when choosing cancer treatment, it is advisable to choose a reliable fruity concentrate.

Other potentially anticancer fungi

At the same time, other potentially anti-cancerous fungi may be used. They are less explored than glossy, but often very promising. They are used at the same time with a glossy cork in a dosage such as if the glosses were not at all.

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