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Selling medicinal plants in the EU

or art to be a consumer

Over a period of about 10 years, the European Union has introduced laws that fundamentally restrict our access to medicinal plants. These regulations have already been incorporated into the laws of the Member States, including the Czech Republic, under EU rules. The impact is as follows:

  • For medicinal plants, if they are sold as food (or food supplements), no information on their medication can be given.
  • Medicinal plants, if they are sold with medicinal properties, now fall under the scope of laws established for synthetic chemistries. This was achieved by redefining the subject of the Pharmaceuticals Act.
  • 99.9% of medicinal plants and natural products are totally forbidden to sell. Exceptions (those of 0.1%) are those for which the supplier proves to have been consumed in significant quantities in the EU before 1997. This system called Novel Food ("novel foods") was approved by trick - under the pretext of protection from genetically manipulated crops. The GM crops were subsequently exempted from it by another regulation.

The European Parliament firstly extended the scope of the law that was originally created and designed for the manufacture of industrial medicines (generics). Newly, the subject of this law is everything that presents itself as " healing " or " acting preventively ". Note that this EU regulation (apparently deliberately) does not provide for the definition of its subject matter in substance but, depending on how it is spoken, what information the customer receives when purchasing them.

The grower, processor, or vendor of medicinal plants, so long as he wants to continue to indicate their healing effects, has to comply with this law, ie he has to become a pharmaceutical company and all individual products are registered as industrial drugs. However, it is unfeasible for the ordinary herbalist (for example, for reasons of high fees), not to mention that it would be absurd if every herbalist registered his rape, jitrocel, maternal sip, ... This is the real reason why everyone started herbs to be sold as dietary supplements .

The conclusions outlined above are simplified but not exaggerated. Thanks to the EU, a large proportion of medicinal plants are not legally sold in the Czech Republic . For the rest, no healing effects can be explained . If you do not believe, you can spend 3 months yourself studying European laws - they are written positively complicated. But that does not diminish their validity. They are written to cut off consumers from natural healing sources and create a monopoly of synthetic drugs.


It was nothing to say that, on a memorable day on November 17, 2012, the dragon horse of the Brussels Anti-Palestinian Rules, Commissioner John Dallis, was deposed for corruption , unfortunately the bad laws remained for him.

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