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Hepatic cancer in the elderly: Potential for treatment with glans and healing sponges

Hello, I was very interested in your scientific approach to medicinal plants, so I wanted to talk to you about the appropriateness of using Lesklokorky shiny for my grandmother. A few days ago, we unfortunately learned that my grandmother had a malignant tumor in the liver, which was unrestrained and unoperable, told oncology that the tumor was untreated and that she was about six months old. After this report, we immediately began to look for alternative options, so I wanted to ask if you think this sponge is suitable for her and if she could help in what form and the best dose I would like to thank, thank you in advance for Jan N .


The fact that you immediately turned your attention to healing fungi after your inexperienced liver cancer diagnosis at your grandmother was very wise. It is difficult for me to find the right words to express the uniqueness that can be recommended for oncology patients with glans and other medicinal sponges . This is not because it is a miraculous medicine that will always help. This is because it is an effective drug, ie improving prognosis in the order of dozens of percent, which has minimal negative effects and is well tolerated by classical chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other widespread treatment methods.

Ling in the treatment of malignant liver tumors

The effect of Polyporales (" ling-or ") mushrooms in the treatment of cancer has been known by the TCM since time immemorial and today's science since at least the 70's when ling-or scientifically researched the Japanese ( Sasaki1971apf , Maruyama1989aas, etc.) Therefore, the glossy penetrated into our awareness the Japanese name of Reishi , which is the direct equivalent of the Chinese ling- chi name. The Japanese, for this pioneering scientific achievement, deserve deep appreciation. In Japanese households, Reishi is sometimes grown as a "plant" room, a log or a sawdust pot. This habit would be useful for us.

Glossy and hepatic

You do not know your grandmother's exact diagnosis of liver cancer. But I will assume hepatocellular carcinoma (malignant hepatoma), partly because it is by far the most frequent, and because all research on liver cancer has so far focused only on hepatoma, so about the others (liver sarcoma or any other type of tumor) there are no specific results.

In the field of liver gloss effectiveness research on liver cancer, Taiwan has produced so many results as the rest of the world together. This is due both to Taiwan's relationship to Chinese tradition and hence to glans (for example, a genome-sequencing project), as well as a greater incidence of liver cancer in Assi. It is the Taiwanese scientists , 10 years ago, that the triterpenoid fraction of glossary extract extract inhibited the growth of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells without damaging healthy liver cells ( Lin2003tef , Chang2006ggt ), and later studying glossary liver cancer in more detail ( Weng2007ael , Weng2008lai , Weng2009ieg ). Traditional knowledge is confirmed that shiny gloss helps to prevent liver cancer and reduces its malignancy (metastatic ability). Other studies come from Japan, Korea and the US, although the West does not know much about the effectiveness of this fungus. These researches are now imitating in the PRC.

Treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with TČM mushrooms is a law artis method

Many oncologists do not know about the properties of the Polyporales mushroom or believe it to be untrustworthy. The use of glossy cake and medicinal mushrooms of TČM is therefore often present in the patients themselves or their loved ones, as was the case in your case. These doctors often do not say to doctors for fear of being ridiculed with such "alternative therapy." This glossary problem is commented on by the American article Gordan2011awo (Journal of Clinical Oncology), citing three cases of "miraculous healing" of elderly patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. Specifically, the case of one man (69 years) and one woman (72 years old) who experienced unexpected total remission after the use of glans and another man (78 years) who had a two-year delay in normal progression of hepatocellular carcinoma. With such cases, I have already met myself personally, even if not specifically, in liver cancer. I hope that this answer gives you enough references to not be afraid to admit the use of this treatment modalities.

The use of Polyporales mushrooms should be routine in cancer treatment

Glossy gloss should be routinely taken by every patient diagnosed with a malignant tumor. The main active ingredients glossy glossy gloss are the specific proteoglycans (their widespread labeling "polysaccharides" are considered to be inappropriate) and specific triterpenoids (ganoderic acids, lucidic acids, ganoderiol etc.) Glossy glans glossy have a firm woody consistency and are used either in the form of a fertile powdered or in the form of an extract - water (tea from, for example, glossy slices), alcohol extract (tinctures), or powdered extract prepared by extraction and concentration of glans.

For your grandmother and other patients with suspected malignant tumors, I would recommend the simultaneous use of ferret powder and powdered extract. Glossy can be bought, grown independently and rarely found in the forest like any other sponge. If you buy it, buy a product made from genuine ground fruit, such as Taiwanese products, for example at the shop ( fetal powder or a stronger 5x concentrated fruit extract ). For both of these products I recommend using 3000-5000mg daily, divided into three doses (morning, noon and evening). For oncology patients, a stronger 5x concentrated extract is more suitable. Unobjectionated fetal powder is rather cheaper but still a good option for down-regulation and prevention. Glossy is an adaptogen, so you can worry about taking doses higher than I mentioned, but these do not seem to have a direct effect. Similarly, other medicinal sponges of the Polyporales family , such as Coriolus / Trametes versicolor, can be used analogously. I would add that because of the immunostimulating effects of glans, a significant preventive effect can also be achieved with a very small daily dose (eg 1000mg per day) if used over a longer period. Indeed, ling-chi means literally "the immortal fungus" in Chinese, and according to TČM, its use is one of the best things a person can do for their health.

Beware of imitations

For all natural materials, apart from the cheapest ones, in today's era we are facing "innovations" in the area of lowering input costs. Superb sausages, beer, and consumption eggs from infamous industrial poultry are all well known. This tendency has not escaped the healing sponges - they are mainly products from the industrially cultivated mycelium (mallow) of the glans and other medicinal fungi . It may not be cheap either, but from the point of view of anticancer effects it is best suited to prevention. The text is said to be made from mycelium (mycelium) and primordia ("young pups"). I do not mean to say that every biotechnological innovation is bad. But when it comes to reducing costs, the resulting product will show up. Another commendable product is sparkling powder of glossy powder ("spore powder"), which accumulates under the crops in the groves, collects and processes. For example, it is used in cosmetics as a powder or a facial mask. The content of some substances resembles the mother's fertility but, from the point of view of the TCM, it is not the same drug.


It is clear that physicians and pharmacists should include the Polyporales mushrooms in their knowledge. It is not clear what types and combinations of healing fungi are best for certain types of cancer, but glossy gloss ( Ganoderma lucidum ) is a standard and well-researched choice. Other patients and their loved ones should follow your example: Do not expect to suspect cancer and turn attention to medicinal sponges immediately. They maximize the healing effect and relax their energy for more, less easy treatment options. People in financial distress should shine glossy preventively independently grow.

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