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I discovered your site and I thank you for their sake. It is good that people like you are dedicated to this enlightenment. I came across the site when I asked a search engine how to use ginseng . I am currently in Korea and I decide whether to buy ginseng or not. It's very expensive, but it is said to be the best in the world. I can often travel to Asia and from India and China I have herbal medicines. Unfortunately, the knowledge of English in China and Korea is quite sparse, so I've brought some preparations that I do not quite know about the effects and use. Can I write to you after the return of substances that contain and discuss it? Once again, thank you for the nice and informative pages.

Seoul's health is Alena


I'm about to be slow like the famous programmer Donald Knuth, who responds to the mails at six-month intervals. So it is likely that you have come home from Korea. About the Korean ginseng and the preparations you have brought and I have already tried to speak with you - this summer, academic work allows me more time.


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