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Euphorbia pupa ( Epimedium sagittatum (Siebold & Zucc.) Maxim.)

Epidermis and other types of kernel are used in the role of hormonal modulator in sexual dysfunction (like aphrodisiacs), senile osteoporosis, depression, atherosclerosis and overall strengthening of the organism ( Ma2011gee ). The main content of the skins are flavonoid glycosides (prenylflavonoids) icarin, epimedine A, B and C, icaritin and quercetin. These have an experimentally confirmed effect on the estrogenic pathway ( Kang2012eae ).

Beetle belongs to the family Berberidaceae ( Berberidaceae ) and, like the stem, has leaves with fine spikes on the edge. The herb epimedia is herbal . Another recent review of Chen2015ccq's medicinal properties is the review of Indran2016psc , which focuses on its use in senile osteoporosis due to estrogen deficiency.

The arrowroot is therefore an estrogen modulator and a phytoestrogen with aphrodisiac effects, especially in women whose normal hormonal status is disturbed. In addition to these properties, the field is harmless, it might be considered to be included among the adaptogens sensu lato .

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