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Ginseng root hair Dr. Popova

Hello, I bought ginseng panax ginseng in the form of small dried roots from dr. Popov. What do you think about this business? And one more question, if a ginseng can be used multiple times? Thank you.

The company Dr. I have no opinion, I did not come into contact with them. If you have a good or bad experience with them, we'd love to publish them here. Small dried roots may be root ginseng. These are the cheapest of all kinds of ginseng goods and are considered more "yin" than regular 6-year or 3-year ginseng.

And finally, the answer to the question of whether ginseng can be used multiple times depends on whether or not the ginseng was exhausted. If it has not been completely exhausted, it can be poured all over once or twice. If it is perfectly lengthened, then you can decide whether to throw out or bleed the crushed cakes. They are not very tasty, so nothing happens if you throw them away. I sometimes find it because I believe that the digestive system is able to extract even more interesting and beneficial polysaccharides for the immune system . Ginseng cakes also use as raw material manufacturers of certain ginseng products that are promoted against influenza .


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