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Where to buy adaptogens?

My readers have asked me many times things like "Where can I buy those adaptogens?" or "Which ginseng is good?" This site is the result of a longer development answers to these questions. If you adaptogens have experience and know what to expect, you do not need my advice - you can try anything, anywhere. But if you do not have the experience and trust me so much that you're reading this page, then the first thing is that, rather than where it is more important what you buy and how you try.

What to buy

The first adaptogen you should try is true ginseng (Panax ginseng) in the form of so-called. Red root (ginseng radix rubra). You should get at least 50 grams of sliced red ginseng root and make personal dosage trial . Human metabolism has an individual specificity, so that the optimum dosage is different in different individuals. Make sure that they are fully mature 6-year old ginseng from a reliable source, such as a 6-year old ginseng TaiwanTCM Liang, or 6-year old ginseng Korea Insam. Only way to ensure that the testing ginseng will work as intended. On experience with ženšenovými tablets, capsules, candy and other products with a low content of active substance forget.

People who "do not feel any effects" are often simply used inappropriate material in the wrong dosage. Once again, the right material for testing the quality ginseng type TaiwanTCM Liang, or more expensive Korea Insam. Korea Insam designation covers all production-quality ginseng from Korea, so when someone says "Korean ginseng", it means that Korea Insam. Regarding TaiwanTCM I tried many types of ginseng Chinese and Taiwanese, and 6-year-old Liang TaiwanTCM consider good and fairly inexpensive choice for personal examination.

If you are looking for a natural cure for a specific disease (such as lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) because of its anti-cancer effects), it is also necessary to consider the reliability of the source. Specifically, the Reishi mushroom shiny material recognized and used by the TCM is naturally proportioned fruiting bodies. Because the natural growth of fruiting lasts even in the best conditions six months, there are products containing only the embryonic stage of this fungus (mycelium) made several days growth of spores in laboratory conditions.

Where to buy

These products are now readily available in various stores, including the Internet. Specifically, I recommend an online store where the herbs caring people that I know well.

And finally, we should realize that the main source of adaptogens is nature. If you need help, but the quality product you can not afford, there is a possibility of self-cultivation. Jiaogulan (Gynostema pentaphyllum) from the family Cucurbitaceae (Cucurbitaceae) as the only plant outside the genus Ginseng (Panax) contains some of the leaves of ginseng panaxosidů. With a little care can be grown in large pots or in the greenhouse. Lingzhi mushroom can also be grown in home conditions (logs or flowerpots with sawdust).

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