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Possibility to use ginseng after heart surgery


I am sending this mail to Mr. Mgr. To the patient, and please advice. I have long-standing problems with high pressure, but I still have a lot of pressure high. I was operated last year, I have a double bypass, I had stents before, it was quite quiet after the surgery, but I had heart fibrillation for a few days, so they made me a cardioversion, it was successful and it was more than a year of good , But last year before Christmas, I had atrial fibrillation, and it was not possible to affect the medication, so this time I was doing cardioversion in February this time, it's good, I have a heartbeat around 50 it's pretty good, but the upper pressure I tend to be quite high, The bottom is good. When I get up and measure in the morning I have the systolic pressure even 180 and I do not know what it is, so I would like to try again some natural treatment and I was very ginseng, I would like to ask you if you could advise me and if I would She could somehow enjoy. I am now enjoying lusopress, concor, oltar, and squeezing low molecular weight heparin Clexane 0.6 for blood thinning, so please tell me if you can tell me what ginseng can be used for. Thank you in advance and I am very pleased. Vlasta U.


Ginseng has taken your interest very well, you should try it as soon as possible. In cardiac ginseng, it was customary to scare the treating physician with ginseng interactions (eg with warfarin, etc.). It turns out, however, that ginseng interactions with conventional cardiovascular medications are not serious. It is a matter of how blurred it is by just antireklamus that ginseng does not become one of the main means for cardiac patients , as in Asia. There, a standardized mixture of ginsenosides is even injected. However, we will be satisfied with the consumption of ginseng by the oral route.

Ginseng will be tested under the guidance and supervision of a good doctor who does not suffer from a prejudice against medicinal plants. Start with a minimum dose, such as 0.5g, which after 3 days will slowly increase your blood pressure constantly. The supervisor should not be afraid of the ginseng of undesirable effects , but your case is so severe that it requires great care during testing. Ideally, all parameters will be improved and, after a certain period of use, pressure can be reduced . In this case, you may slowly increase the daily dose to 3-5g and continue to remain on this dose. In cardiac application I would also recommend ginseng to be combined with a Japanese sedative , which you can carefully treat for treatment later.


| 22.8.2012

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