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I want to try ginseng for preparing a body for surgery of varicose veins

Hello, thank you very much for your articles. I am following you request. I have large varicose veins. I'm going in mid-November for surgery. I want to try ginseng TaiwanTCM Liang organism preparation for surgery, postoperative alleviation of symptoms and prevention. Please you very much for dosage recommendations. Or do you think it is better to go to the center of TCM and treated with a mixture of herbs? The contributions of the effects of ginseng have a good feeling. For additional information, please, thank you. David

Thank you for the compliment articles. I try to write about things that really work and which little is known. It is my personal experience (ie. My loved ones) that are prescribed to them ineffective or even harmful products with hype, so I have when writing his personal reasons.

Your question touches on two topics:

1. Efficiency ginseng against venous disease and varices

Regarding dosage adjustment for varicose veins , or varices in general, so there is a need to take a long-term ginseng. I hate telling you what you probably know yourself, but the effect is not guaranteed. Varicose veins tend to have different causes and ginseng may not all occupy. Patients experience, I knew, however, are very positive. The dosage of ginseng can be read on page zvlášení. For varicose veins doses may not be high - most of these people are taking two grams of quality 6-year-old ginseng as ginseng radix rubra . But beware: Even though you may feel relief soon, it takes several months before a venous repair.

As a man I would maybe recommend a larger dose of about 3 grams per day. Men are both more difficult, both male varicose veins indicate a relatively larger deviation than the more common medical varicose veins of women. Otherwise, a complete list of references relevant to the patient observed the effect of ginseng on varicose veins can be found at the effect of ginseng on varicose veins .

2. Use of ginseng in preoperative preparation

Regarding the preoperative preparation, surgery represents the body burden and stress , to alleviate the ginseng as an adaptogen unquestionably fits. It has extensive effects on the immune system and meets all the prerequisites to reduced probability of postoperative complications . Asian, MD. gives physicians panaxosidy operations and injected and in clinical reports reported very good results ( Xia2005gcs ). MD. doctors with us about the benefits of ginseng know relatively less, but ginseng is part of our pharmacopoeia. From the producers of synthetic drugs, there is some effort to even the effects of natural drugs in preoperative preparation to downplay, but do not want to discuss it now.

In your case, he would (without the knowledge of your weight) in a period of about 7 days before surgery recommended to use 5 grams of ginseng daily omitting the day of surgery (panaxosidy act many tens of hours).

Regarding visits to TCM center ...

Taiwan or Japan, the answer was clearly the visit. In the free parts of Asia TCM medicine is completely standardized field . In China and also in the Czech Republic is the operation of TCM still in development, although it seems that lately gaining popularity. At present, the quality of a particular TCM center depends mainly on its operators. One can only hope that the public as soon realizes that TCM (znalství as well as our domestic plants) are disciplines that have practical therapeutic success and that can be studied in parallel with Paracelsian pharmacotherapy.

| 31.10.2010

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