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I do not want to cook my ginseng

Hello, I'm interested in ginseng. But I do not want to cook it so I want to ask if it can be consumed without cooking? It probably is not that because it is very hard. If that's the case, I wonder if this form is more effective than hot water licking?


Red ginseng , although (or rather because) is a traditional product, has properties optimized in several directions. Not only is it very durable and effective, but is also more easily soluble. Ginseng extract is now easier to prepare than in the past. Smart users have found that lemon juice and other ingredients ( bacon , cyclic , ginger ...) can be prepared in a thermos rather than long cooking by simply pouring hot water and leaching overnight. I have learned this method myself and it works well.

However, of course, there will be situations where ginseng can not be cooked

In this case, another good feature of red ginseng is that it can be squeezed in the sliced state. I do not want to say "chew" because it is really very hard at first, but it will soon soften in the mouth and after a certain length of time it will completely soften and dissolve. This method can be used, for example, if you have a hurry in the morning before an important business trip, or if you are driving a long route by car, etc. From a rational point of view, ginseng is thus treated as effective or even more effective as ginseng lyeing in hot water. From the point of view of the magic of the TCM, which is based on the equilibrium of hot (yang) and cold (yin), it is important that ginseng is cooked and drinks warm. As a scientist, I interpret this (and in general the obsession of the Chinese with superheated meals on the table) as an effort to make sure that the water was overgrown, underlying reasons related to the infinite Chinese plains, paddy fields, underground water and dysentery. In other words, you do not have to worry about it.


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