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Chinese Shepherd ( Lycium chinense )

also gouqi , goji, gods, Chinese hermits ( L. chinense Mill.), chinese matrimony vine

A foreigner
Foreign Wizards - Lycium barbarum (source: Flora von Deutschland, by Prof. Dr. Otto Wilhelm Thomé, Österreich und der Schweiz 1885, Gera, Germany )

Chinese Shepherd Lycium chinense Mill. Ex DC.) Is a medicinal plant of TCM whose fruits are often used together with ginseng and other adaptogens. The scallop has a high content of zeaxanthin and other carotenoids. It has strong antioxidant effects, protects vision and slows aging processes. In addition to carotenoids, the specific effects of proteoglycan polysaccharides contribute mainly to the effects of carotenoids. In Czech, the bastard is known as goji / gods. The word goji came to us over English from Chinese 枸杞 (read ko-ki or ko-ťi, pinyin gouqi ) and denotes the fruits of this plant. Chinese herb can be grown in our country (it is frost-resistant) but it produces badly, so it is better to buy it dried.

Basic information about the genus of the herringbone ( Lycium )

Rod Lycium, however, includes more than 70 species that occur in subtropics around the world ( Fukuda2001pbg ). In Eurasia we find three main species (according to: GRIN taxonomy , database , eFloras database , Feinbrun1968glf ):

  • ( Lycium barbarum L.), originating in China
  • Chinese herringbred ( Lycium chinense Mill.), original throughout Southeast Asia
  • European licorice ( Lycium europaeum L.), originating in the Mediterranean and Asia Minor

All three species are well differentiable morphologically ( Feinbrun1968glf ) and molecular ( Fukuda2001pbg ). The European backyard has white or pink flowers, the other two have red-violet flowers ( Dostal1989nkc , Volume 2, p. 892). The Chinese backyard has leaves petiolate, rather ovate than lanceolate, while the alien scent has leaves rather lanceolate and almost without petiole ( Rothmaler2009evd , Volume 3, p. 429). As a fruit is practically used only Chinese herring, which is grown because of its large and sweet fruits ( Yin2005apr ). Other types of herringbone are also curative, but their small fruits are not suited for collection. The aliens and the European grapefruit are very abundant in our country and they can prepare healthy herbal tea from their leaves.

The TBM and our herbal medicine ( Potterat2010glb ) recognize the hermitage for medical purposes. The European Squid ( L. europaeum ) was used by anti-doctors in the treatment of inflammation and eye diseases ( Hitchcock1932msg ). The plant was also used to strengthen erosion slopes and ornamental plantations, once popular. Foreign and Chinese slaves are currently the subject of intensive research.

The content of the burgundy

The shell contains a large number of carotenoids (mainly zeaxanthin) and specific proteoglycan polysaccharides that make up to 30% of dry weight. Carotenoids and polysaccharides protect neurons and retina, positively affect vision, reduce cellular stress and improve immunity. Other beneficial metabolites of the cassava include betaine, β-sitosterol, coumarins, vitamins, minerals and free amino acids.

  • lycium polysaccharides (LP) - The most important specific component of the saccharine.
  • carotenoids - The fruits are contained in large amounts (up to 0.5% dry weight, Peng2005qzd ), their amount increases during aging ( Piao2005ckc ). Up to 70% of carotenoids are zeaxanthin, mainly zeaxanthin dipalmitate (fysalin, Inbaraj2008dce ). Other forms of zeaxanthin are also present. The remainder of the carotenoids are lutein, β-carotene, β-cryptoxanthin and others. Zeaxanthin dipalmitate is very well bioavailable, it is easily absorbed and absorbed by the organism ( Breithaupt2004cpr ).
  • flavonoids - Squid contains many flavonoid species, 40% of which are quercetin, myricetin, camphorol and rutin ( Le2007iqa , Qian2004efp )
  • vitamins - The carotenoids of the cervix act as provitamin A. Other vitamins contain, for example, riboflavin (vitamin B 2 ), nicotinic acid (vitamin B 3 ), thiamin (vitamin B1), tocopherols (vitamin E) and ascorbic acid vitamin C) at ~ 42mg / 100g, i.e. about as fresh lemons ( Potterat2010glb ).
  • minerals - Calcium contains significant amounts of calcium (112mg / 100g), phosphorus and iron ( Qian2004efp ), trace selenium, germanium, copper, zinc and others.
  • Free Amino Acids - Squirrel contains quite a large amount (1 - 2.7%), most proline. Non-proteinaceous amino acids, e.g., betaine (trimethylglycine), taurine and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), are also present. ( Chen1991aaa )
  • others - for example, β-sitosterol, daukosterol, skopoletin, p-coumaric acid, and dopamine lymphoid A derivative, so far only isolated from Goji ( Zou1999ndd ), fatty acids (linoleic acid, β-elemen and myristic acid, Altintas2006 ). In totally abundant quantities (19ppb in dry matter), the alkaloid atropine ( Adams2006hta ) can be detected in fruits.

Effects of the clerk

Fruit of a foreigner (goji)
Fruit of a foreigner ( goji )

The sacerdot meets the definition of adaptogen. It is a traditional addition to Chinese soups and TČM blends. In TČM it is considered as a tonic that nourishes the kidneys, liver and eyes ( Chang2008uah ). Independent research confirms anti-aging and anti-aging effects ( Burke2005mcr ).

Thanks to its unique composition, the pasta has many positive effects on human health.

Goji, the fruit of the herringbone, is undoubtedly one of the most valuable rainbows of fruit. The LBP goji coarse water extract has many beneficial effects according to the literature:

The following effects: radioprotective , against hepatitis , effect on the serotonin system .

How to use it

Fruit of a foreigner (goji)
Goji tastes great

Goji fruit can be consumed directly or added to teas, soups, salads, desserts or other dishes. Some teach her as miraculous fruits, see pdf . I would like to praise even further by naming the whole family of lilkovitsy as a miraculous and pastoral in it as a welcome sweet add-on to miraculous tomatoes, paprika, mochyni and black eggplant. We can improve our health by using the raspberries instead of raisins in the kitchen unless, of course, we raise the total dose. Goji are a great substitute for sweet and sour sweet to both children and adults. The recommended daily dose is 6 to 30 grams of dry fruits.

Editing for consumption (for example):

  • Goji can be consumed without any modifications.
  • Boil the daily dose of goji in half a liter of water 5-10 min. Boil them in wine or add a few prunes (or cicmique if you have them). It is drunk in two doses in the fasted state, including the fetus.
  • Wine - 1kg of ground fruits is placed in a textile bag and immersed in a 10 liter bowl of water. The vial is hermetically sealed and allowed to ferment for 14 days. It is then used in two deciliters a day, preferably in two doses.
  • Tincture - 80g is leached in 1 liter of 60% ethanol for about 3 weeks. Finally, add a little honey and use 2-3 tablespoons in the morning, as well as fruits.
  • Soup spoon will also improve chicken or beef soup or roast meat. Heat the fruits after the heat treatment.

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