Dear visitor, this is a machine-translated article. It makes perfect sense in its original language (Czech), and is fully backed by independent scientific literature. The translation, though, is far from perfect and takes patience and imagination, if you decide to read it.

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Hello. I like to read your site and I like the style you are writing about. Both expertise, clarity and effortlessness. Keep it up..

Regards. Ing. Pavel Havelka

Now that I get readers' questions after the semester, I have come to appreciate your praise. I do not fight for medals, but I admit that sincere praises like yours are pleased with me. There are a lot of themes that are published in official textbooks with too many ceremonies. From the scientific methodology, moths become obstructing the understanding of often trivial reality. It's not so much an effort, like a kindness, that I like to say things just after rushes and without ceremonies - as in an article about our immune system .

Sometimes, however, "experts" mystify us on purpose - for example commercially available commercial drugs or banking . At other times, it is argot, which prevents "connoisseurs" against novices - a harmless example of phytochemical nomenclature . In mathematics I am angry with complex numbers, physicists have been angry with so-called Dirac's fermions in graphene, but I will not divorce here. Fortunately, physics is more or less outside of my field, but physicists are all going to biological modeling today :-).

Thank you,

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