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Jinan ( Ginkgo biloba L. )

(also Yin Guo)

The healing tree Ginkgo biloba is the only surviving representative of its class ( Ginkgoopsida ) related to conifers. It is an ancient and long-lived bivalve tree with edible fruits (ginkgo nuts) and curative effects. Jinan, in combination with other adaptogens, is recommended to improve mental functions ( nootropic effects ). According to Ihl2012gbe , EGG761 ginkgo extract is at least as effective as nootropics of memantine, galantamine and donepezil. According to Janssen2010gba , gingival adaptogen is suitable for Alzheimer's disease . But there are also many reviews that completely deny the nootropic effects of ginkgo, for all I 'm going to say Laws2012igb .

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