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Use and dosing of mushrooms in cancer


once I contacted you and your answer really helped, now I would, but I needed one more advice, I hope you are not angry with me, I am very grateful to you. At that time, I asked about my grandmother's treatment options using glossy glossy gloss, you answered me as follows: Hepatic cancer in an elderly patient - the potential of glossy- cure and healing sponges .

Meanwhile, we ordered this sponge from another company, details of which will be sent in the appendix. Her grandmother was taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening and still enjoying mycoimun where there are other sponges from the beginning 3 times a day and later only once a day, now our shine is coming and we'd rather go to the Taiwan TCM you recommend, it is advisable to use 3000-5000mg a day, but we did not quite understand if the 5x ferret extract is concentrated if we divided it five or if we were to count the mg of that concentrate. I know it sounds stupid, but could not you please tell us how much capsules you just have a day and how much to take that extract? We would then know how much we should order for the moon, it would help us, our grandmother will have a fungus, we will have a dose of seven days and we would like to order this preparation to follow it previous and above all we would not want to make a mistake in the dosage. Otherwise, I must tell you that the oncologists really do not really have the effects of this fungus, and even the doctor has told us that the fungi are harmful if the grandmother does not take such a thing. I figured I'd still like to send you the latest liver news report, if you need to provide some information on how you would adjust it. It is true that on November 15, the largest body was about 1cm wide and now it is big 4cm, which is quite fast, but on the other hand we are glad that the tumor is still holding only on the liver and does not grow further. I do not know if this information is important to you in determining the dose but I have tried to provide as much information as possible.

I really thank you very much
Wishing the beautiful day of Jan N.


I would like to apologize for not having the time to answer you on time. I also know the direction of your patient's fate. I write this answer better than never before. I hope that if nothing else, it will at least be psychological encouragement for you and assurance that your choice of complementary treatment with anticancer mushrooms is right.

Dosage of mushrooms

When I'm totally honest, the dosage of mushrooms is not clear. It does not pay quite a dose-dependency effect. Even a relatively small dose of glossy glossy , out-of-the- box colorful and other medicinal mushrooms has a great potential to stimulate the immune system to destroy cancer cells - so at least their effect is largely explained. If doses increase, the effect will increase, but not in proportion to the dose. For example, gloss gloss is recommended for 3000-5000mg of concentrate per day in patients with a diagnosed malignant tumor, which represents a much higher dose than 3000-5000mg (unconcentrated) mercury powder daily recommended for healthy people with an increased risk of cancer. (Increased risk is, for example, a cancer with a high inheritance in a close family, a chemical or radiation burden from the environment, etc.)

I also describe the therapeutic and preventive dosing of glosses .

The decision to treat hepatic liver cancer was correct

If your doctor says that the fungi are harmful and "no matter what the grandmother does," he would have to qualify his claim in some way. So to say more specifically about what specific mushrooms they are talking about and why and in what amounts they are harmful. The claim of harmfulness is definitely invalid in glossy gloss, whether it is a milled fruit, concentrate, or some other part of the glossy glass. Glossy is an adaptogen and is 100% proven to have no side effects. If that doctor had a discussion with me in the face, you would see how he would run. The doctor's statement would also be disagreed by a large number of patients who, thanks to glans and other anti-cancerous mushrooms, have been included in the statistics of those who are suffering from cancer after complete recovery.


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