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Ginseng polysaccharides

In addition to well-known ginseng saponins - panaxosides or ginsenosides - the second most important phytochemical component of ginseng is polysaccharides and specific proteoglycans.

  • According to Lim2002aep , extracted ginseng polysaccharides (α1-6-glucopyranoside and β2-6-fructofuranoside in a 5: 2 molar ratio) have the ability to suppress Staphylococcus aureus- induced septicemia at an optimal dose of 0.025mg / kg to achieve this effect. The effect was associated with macrophages with multiple increases in NO production as well as cytokines (TNF-α, IL-1, IL-6 and IFN-γ).
  • Lim2004iap describes the preparation of ginseng polysaccharides from ginseng cocci and their activating effect on polysaccharides in mouse macrophages.
  • According to Shin2004eae, acid ginseng polysaccharides have improved the effect of paclitaxel cytostatics in mouse melanoma.
  • The polysaccharide fractions GL-2 (ginseng leaves) and GRA-2 (root) were mice-effective against the gastric ulcer ( Sun1992paa ) in the mouse model.
  • Ginsan polysaccharide protected mice from the lethal effect of radiation. ( Song2003reg )
  • Ginsan specifically improved the immune response after irradiation 1 . type. ( Han2005git )
  • Ginsan had an antimutagenic effect in male mice. ( Ivanova2006aep )
  • Ginsan improved the recovery of antioxidant systems in irradiated mice. ( Han2005mrd )
  • Acid ginseng polysaccharide (APG) protected the bone marrow of mice from radiation damage. ( Kim2007rea )
  • Panaxan AU (hypoglycaemic, immunostimulatory, gastric ulcer).
  • panaxan QU. Oils: isopinen. (source: choi2008bcp )
  • ginsenan PA and ginsenan PB, immunostimulatory effect ( Tomoda1993cta , Tomoda1994csg ).
  • The overall overview of ginseng polysaccharides is provided by Sun2011sba . They have names like GL-BIII , GL-3 , GL-PI , GL-PII , GL-PIII , GLPIV , GRA-3 , WGPA-3HG etc. immunomodulatory.

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