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Is Ginkgo biloba adapogen?

Purchase note: Hello, you are the first serious website about ginseng in the Czech Republic, I would like to ask, is ginkgo also an adaptogen? Martin.

Dear Martin,

thank you for praise.

As for your question, I really do not know. It is called Ginkgo biloba improves memory and brain functions, but there are also skeptical publications that claim ginkgo is ineffective. In the ginseng, I immediately know where the (or us) skeptics are confused. I do not have Ginkgo like this, and it can not be rectified in a week or a month. A couple of days ago I first bought the ginkgo cores for the test, but I do not evaluate the effect so subjectively. An obstacle to the inclusion of ginkgo among adaptogens could be a poison (allergen), which is found in small amounts in its leaves.

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