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Mixed ginseng extracts

This page contains reports on the efficacy of ginseng panaxoside (saponins) and other types of ginseng blends. There are thousands of such reports; this page lists only a small fraction of them.

  • Total saponin extract Panax vietnamensis had a protective effect against oxidation in tissue homogenate. ( Huong1998vaa ) [ neurotropic ]
  • Mixed P. ginseng extract retarded the uptake of neurotransmitters on rat synaptosomes. A slowdown was found for gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), glutamate, dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. ( Tsang1985gsi ) [ neurotropic ]
  • A mixture of ginseng saponins suppressed capsaicin-induced pain in mice with an ED 50 of 49 mg / kg intraperitoneally, 1.5 mg / kg intracerebroventricularly. The effect was not blocked by naloxone and the authors believe that the site of action of the mixture is CNS or primary sensory neurons. ( Nah2000ega ) [ neurotropic ]
  • The combined panaxoside extract administered to the CNS suppressed pain (formalin test in mice) and also inhibited P-induced pain indicative of ED 50 was 30 μg per mouse (i.e., about 2 mg / kg). ( Yoon1998gid ) [ neurotropic ]
  • Intraperitoneal ginseng extract treated for radiation damage. ( Yonezawa1976rri ) [ radioprotective ]
  • Ginseng Heals Radiation Damage In Mice. ( Takeda1981rri ) [ radioprotective ]
  • The saponin fraction is responsible for the radioprotective effect of ginseng. The effect against radiation is stable at 15 minutes of boiling. ( Yonezawa1981rri ) [ radioprotective ]
  • The thermostable radioprotective fraction of ginseng extract protects against radiation equally effectively in three different species: mouse, rat and guinea pig. ( Takeda1982rri ) [ radioprotective ]
  • Ginseng improves the recovery of the number of blood stem cells (hemocytoblasts and megakaryocytes) in X-ray irradiated mice. ( Takeda1982rri ) [ radioprotective ]
  • The total ginseng extract had radioprotective properties. ( Zhang1987mrr ) [ radioprotective ]

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