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80. ginsenoside F1

ginsenoside F 1

It is a damaran, protopanaxatriol panaxoside:

ginsenoside F1

R1 = H
R2 = H
R3 = H
R 4 = Glc

  • Yu2005pgd says that pxsd. F1 as well as Rg1 increase the binding of NF-κB transcription factor to DNA in the culture of mouse splenocytes. They also increase mRNA transcription factor GATA3 and type 2 cytokines controlled by it (IL-4 in splenocytes and IL-12 in macrophages). The highest effect on IL-4 and IL-12 was at concentrations of 5 and 10 μM, at higher concentrations, the effect was reduced to 50 μM again almost disappearing.

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