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159. 24 (R) pseudoginsenoside F11

is a damaran, pancylosin pancreatic

24 (R) pseudoginsenoside F11

R 1 = Glc 2-1 Rha
R2 = H

  • It is characterized by panaxoside Panax quinquefolius , where it forms 0.1% of total panaxosides, whereas in Panax ginseng it is present only in trace amounts ( Christensen2009gcb , Chen2008cpe )
  • It increased the excretion of glutamate in CNS mice. ( Wang2011gdo )
  • He acted against morphine dependence in mice and hamsters. ( Hao2007pdm , Li2001pam , Li2000aep )
  • It restricted the neurotoxicity of methamphetamine in mice. ( Wu2003pep )
  • It showed a protective effect on the model of impaired learning scopolamine in mice and rats. ( Li1999pep )

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