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Strong ginseng

In Asia (and especially in Korea), ginseng is usually prepared for a much stronger decoction than the previously mentioned ginseng tea . For example, official guidelines for the use of ginseng Korea Insam recommend a daily dose of up to 50g for a short-term use and a long-term to 20g (based on the weight of the fresh root). Koreans also recommend cooking ginseng with a few grams of young fresh ginger and juji fruit. It is a decoction, not just a hot water boil. It is supposed to start with one liter of water and cook until half of the water evaporates.

For a strong molding we need:

... it is also traditionally added (not necessary - if only):


We put all the ingredients in the kettle and cook for an hour or more until part of the water evaporates (I do not want to prescribe how much - depending on how and where you cook).


This beverage is drunk as warm as possible, up to 3 times a day, in situations where we need to take a lot of energy at one time, in cold or under cold winter and in abdominal discomfort.

Not for fever, pregnant women and children. But according to the Koreans, it is suitable to be strengthened at birth and after delivery. For a short time, a strong ginseng dish can be stored in the fridge and used as a concentrate to prepare a ginseng drink. For this purpose, alcohol tincture is preferable.

Additional Notes:

  • The recipe according to the above recipe contains the equivalent of 1-2g of red ginseng in something less than 100ml (depending on how much water is evaporated during cooking).
  • Of course, the dish can be prepared in a different amount (eg 5g ginseng and 500ml water).
  • The cicimku peel is better suited for better cooking on several points.
  • Because of the sharp, the ginger can be drained (I personally appreciate fresh ginger with meat and salads).
  • I suspect that the broth is advised warm not only because of warming the patient, but perhaps also to improve the solubility of panaxosides.

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