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Ginseng tincture (alcohol extract)

Ginseng tincture (alcoholic extract) is a product whose advantage is shelf life and instant usability, which will be appreciated by those who do not have the time to make tea any time.Tincture can be easily prepared at home.

We need:

  • 5 -10 g dried slices of 6-year-old ginseng ,
  • 0.5 dcl of consumer or medical alcohol 40-70%,

(or other amounts in approximately the same ratio).

Preparation 1: (Common Kitchen Procedure)

Put together in a glass container so that the root is completely immersed in alcohol (the root can be piled on smaller pieces). Let stand in a dark place (not in the fridge) for at least 14 days. Excessive coldness slows down. Sometimes shake. When the leaching is complete, pour the tincture into a suitable container. Dried slices greatly swell during leaching and still retain a considerable amount of tincture and active ingredients, but this can not be avoided in this simple way of leaching. Tincture is best stored in a dark and cold place (typically a fridge), it has a long shelf life.

Preparation of ginseng alcohol tincture 1
We will use a quality 6-year-old ginseng so that it can be submerged in pieces.
Preparation of ginseng alcohol tincture 2
We are loud for at least 14 days, sometimes shaking.
Preparation of ginseng alcohol tincture 3
Pour the tincture into a suitable container and store it in a cool, dark place.

Preparation 2: (laboratory procedure)

Those of you who have access to a functional Soxhlet extractor (Mr. Soxhlet was from Brno, but I do not know exactly where he lived - you have to find out yourself if you wanted to go to borrow his extractor), have the opportunity to prepare even better tincture much faster and more comfortably - sliced or crushed ginseng is poured into the extraction cartridge and 10 ml of solvent (I use 70% alcohol) for each gram of ginseng is added to the extractor, the extractor is started and extracted for at least 1 hour under normal pressure.


It is used in small quantities. Dosage depends on purpose, but doses are usually from just 10 drops to a small drop (5ml). Even in small amounts, ginseng is beneficial. It is best to take tincture in the morning before eating in clean water, which gives an interesting flavor but can be added to other beverages (not milk).

The effects of ginseng are more extensive and more balanced than conventional caffeine-based drinks. Alcohol in tincture does not pose a health risk - in a small amount it is possible even slightly beneficial to health. The combination of ginseng and alcohol is a chapter in itself.

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