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Coffee with ginseng extracts

I would like to ask for coffee with ginseng extracts, once I put her in a cafe and I tasted so I would like to try to prepare it at home but I do not know how. Thank you in advance for your reply.


Dear Zuzano,
the process of preparing ginseng coffee depends on what coffee you are thinking - watering, dripping, espresso ... In any case, you can use the first method to prepare a ginseng water extract and then add it to the ready coffee. This method is universal and perhaps the best because the dishes used to make coffee do not come into contact with the ginseng and vice versa. Fantasy can also be tested for other methods - for hot and gentle coffee, for example, hot ginseng tea is used instead of hot water. It is not advisable to water a slice of ginseng with hot coffee, because ginseng must lengthen somewhat longer. But it could be added to any coffee, including espresso, ginseng powdered .

In my opinion, coffee and ginseng are not suitable for mixing. I like the taste of both coffee and ginseng and I enjoy them alone, without sugar. (I enjoy sugar in desserts.) What effects would ginseng possibly balance the increase in blood pressure and other caffeine-induced excesses. Caffeine mimics the structure of purine nucleotides and has many different, not always positive, effects in the body. (With a cape: Caffeine may not benefit the hippocampus ( Han2007iec ), possibly interfering with cell cycle regulation ( Guo2002cis )). It's a dilemma for me: I love the taste of coffee, but I'm aware of the dangers of caffeine and mycotoxins. Meanwhile, I drink decaffeinated coffee and wait for coffee to be naturally decaffeinated, as the Japanese have recently developed ( Ogita2003pdc ).

To summarize, ginseng coffee is definitely prepared and you will not be wrong if you are guided by intuition in your preparation. However, use caffeine with the measure, ie, not permanently.


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