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10. ginsenoside Rc

ginsenoside Rc

It is a damaran, protopanaxadiol panaxoside:

ginsenoside Rc

R 1 = -Glc 2-1 Glc
R 2 = -Glc 6-1 Ara (f)

  • It did not have a relaxing effect on the aortic ring preparation in rats. ( Kang1995gpg )
  • In stressed mice, cortisol is reduced in plasma. ( Kim2003iii ) [ stress ]
  • In the intrauterine injection he stabilized the cortisol level by slightly increasing cortisol, but at the same time protected against further increases due to immobilization stress ( Kim2003egs ) [ stress ]
  • Most of all panaxosides protected intestinal tissue from radiation damage. ( Lee2006ivr )
  • He worked against inflammatory symptoms in gastritis, hepatitis and arthritis. ( Yu2016grf )

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