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Lung cancer - treatment glossy glossy

Dear, I would like to invite you to a glossy glossy demand. I have lung cancer and on Tuesday I start with chemo. Today I got the basic information about this sponge and I would be very much to know where I could buy it. Your cultivation tours have been very popular with me in the opening article on this sponge. Thank you in advance for your very quick answer. Sincerely, Mirek K.


I'm sorry to receive your mail after a few days. First of all, where to get the shine. Glossy glossy preparations are a lot on the market, but for really serious cases - cancer patients - I always recommend shiny tongue in Taiwan. I discuss the reasons elsewhere. In order to answer your question where to buy, I will attach a link to the list of herbal stores from ( click here for a list of shops where you can buy shiny shiny t-shirts ). An even better option is to order Taiwanese glossy over the internet, for example, from the store

Lung cancer and lesklokorkou treatment

What is lung cancer , we all know. There is no way to influence the development of this disease with 100% probability. Fighting months and percent. But if you are aware of this basic context of possibilities and probabilities, then I can honestly say to you that it belongs not only to supportive means, but to the real remedies that really add those percentages and months. This can be confirmed by many patients who have successfully overcome the different types of cancer due to gloss. Even such a healing result is possible, though not sure, for anticancer fungi.

Other suitable plants and fungi

Pulmonary cancer is somewhat strange, though a common category of oncological illnesses, and I feel I have to perform a targeted search on the topic of lung cancer treatment with glossy gloss. At the same time, however, I do not want to postpone the answer to your urgent case, so I would recommend you to read my recommendations for the treatment of a rather severe case of breast cancer (continued here ). Today, I can add that the condition of a patient who has been treated according to these recommendations under the medical supervision of her husband has improved beyond all expectations and has remained stabilized to date. You may notice that in these replies I recommend, in addition to glossy glossy extra Coriolus / Trametes versicolor (unfortunately, thanks to EU regulation, free access is blocked even if it is a safe means with a thousand-year tradition at TČM), ginseng to alleviate immune damage and other undesirable consequences Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and I also discuss other plants (such as Momordica bitter, Momordica charantia ) and mushrooms (eg Chagua, Corncrake, Inonotus obliquus).

| 6.7.2012

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