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HER2 + Breast Cancer 2: Other Effective Plants and Mushrooms

Once again, I wish a nice day and thank you (eme).

Meanwhile, I have read enough about the issue of alternative cancer treatment, and I have a good faith in the beneficial effect of treating the extracts of the two mentioned mushrooms. All the more so, that I have learned once more the histological specification of the type of my wife's tumor = HER 2 Pozit !. This type is more aggressive, with the older creation of distant MTS. Its current classical oncology treatment with another type of chemotherapy (taxane-generic) has so far proved to be effective, the corresponding values of previously significantly elevated onco-marker values have been normalized, even their last decreases have been reported. There has also been a size reduction of multiple MTS-findings in her liver / many lymph. Nodes. Eating any sugar (even if it is sometimes avoided by potatoes / rice), consumes CHLORELLA, dried barley sprouts, ALOE VERA every day (apparently thanks to it, hematological and other laboratory parameters have been practically normalized), JAVOR SIRUP WITH SODIUM BIKARBON (Although I have read contradictory conclusions about the efficacy of this product), BIOBRAN has also been used (including extracts from some fungi, such as shitake). Due to the HER2 positive finding, HERCEPTIN treatment (trastuzumab) will also be suggested, but this will require an infusion of 3 weeks until the progression is evident - apparently LIFESTYLE! Wife will certainly defend her, because her veins have suffered enough after previous chemotherapy, and therefore, when chemotherapy was repeated, access was chosen by a causal catheter. He had been implanted since December and had chemotherapy every 3 weeks, totaling 6 times.

Now my wife finally begins to feel better, her hair grows again, the positive changes in her behavior / mood were also noted by her college as a teacher. (If the symptoms of neuropathy on the limbs pass away), they start to look again at things that do not even interest them (fashion, tennis, ...).

I'm honestly watching extracts from both mushrooms take 5 times a day in a glass of warm water and try to get the ginseng extract (but with a lot of nutritional supplements it's not always successful). If under these circumstances the use of TRAMETES / LESKLOKORKA proved to be as effective as the two "medical wonders" you have from Morava, it would really be "BOMBA".

Perhaps so much for your better information, for mushroom extracts we are really impatiently waiting and please "hold us your thumbs".

Yours sincerely. MUDr. Martin M.

Hello. HER2 + breast cancer 2. Let's go backwards.

Break in use

None. If stocks are enough, let them use it continuously.

Ad miracles

Catch the wood. I will tell you about the cases that I know only if your patient finishes better than predicted statistics. The force of evolution is on the tumor cells, and they are constantly better and better learning to escape from the immune system and all the drugs we are trying to keep in check. This is the reason why it is not possible to invent a universal " cure for cancer ". But that's what I'm telling you about in a field where you know the professionals you know much more than me ...

Ad ginseng

I have already written about his position in the rehabilitation of radiation and cytotoxic damage . This is information that all radiation specialists should know. The cytoprotective effects of ginseng also affect other sites of this site: radiation load , chemical load , immunity , ...

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Terror and terror.

Ad Drugs, Supplements

  • Trastuzumab: It's probably a clear choice when the monsters have the HER2 receptor on the surface. But I do not understand how anyone can have a patent when it's an antibody. It's nothing new under the sun. All the work, all the know-how is done by the super-intelligent nanosystem that the mammalian immune system is, and Genentech is just collecting money. I'm already slowly like Virapen, I'm afraid that the curative procedures that are more likely to evolve during the illness, not the ones most effective, are developing. I hope that the trastuzumab is covered by the insurance company. Of course, over a couple of generations of that antibody, the cancer cells must naturally adapt to what happens over a period of about one to two years, so when it stops occupying it, stop it worrying. And otherwise, that's another reason to use ginseng to protect the heart and all the other innocent cells that are wearing that HER2 receptor. And maybe other (inexpensive) herbs, I have some tips, but I will not mention them because I have not studied them.
  • Biobran: Yes. It does not contain mushrooms in plural, but only one mushroom: shiitake, or edible hardy.
  • Maple syrup: From sweet blueberry, rather than betulic acid, birch water (for drinking, not for hair), even better birch bark ( to buy here, for example ), most notably chamois (Inonotus obliquus) , bourine betulinic acid Also extracts. Chorus again - I have not studied and I will not give a recommendation.
  • Chlorel: It was cultivated in the harsh times as a food source of the future. I tolerate it and I do not criticize it because its use as a food supplement keeps the irreplaceable crop in industrial consciousness for sustainable development and space farming, but among us if the capsules were too much for your patient, you can drop the chlorel among the first.
  • Aloe vera: I have not studied, but precocious yes. Advertising for Aloe vera is great, but the plant is really good. Momordica charantia should be equally well advised . I am publishing the publications about the anticancer effects of this plant, which grows in the tropics through the hedges like weeds, which is almost ashamed to mention. In particular, the effect of M. charantia leaf, fruit and especially M. charantia on breast cancer is dealt with by ray2010bmm , grossmann2009eai (seeds), rybak1994iap (mentioning momordic with gelonin, herbal cytostatic from Gelonium multiflorum A. Juss.) In this family Euphorbiaceae Even those cytostatics found the pair)). So momordika would eat with chopping the seeds, they're pretty disgusting. Did I mention the fresh ginger ? Random review for everyone: shukla2007cpp . And, of course, garlic.
  • Taxa: I'm delaying comments because you and other cytostatics You and your colleagues know more than I do.

Ad Medicinal Sponges as Serious Cancer Drugs

Here it is not a question of faith In the fight against cancer, it is heavy weight, it is proved, and compared to other drugs are not expensive. The problem is that our medicine does not have enough practical experience with them. We do not know exactly where they will go and how. That would be a huge clinical trial to make optimal use of it, and who will pay when the mushrooms grow free of stumps and can not be monopolized. We believe that we have privatized the healthcare system into private empires, where market mechanisms do not work. In the thousand-year development of TČM, on the other hand, the market mechanism played a key role, therefore, TCH funds are simple, cheap and efficient. The combination of Ganoderma lucidum and Coriolus / Trametes versicolor is very strong. I would recommend adding it to the clone as I already mentioned (Inonotus obliquus) . Otherwise, those promising fungi that can not be used properly by oncologists are more, especially from the Polyporales family. Here I would like to refer once again to the excellent, freshly published book by Professor Valíček: Medicinal mushrooms and their effects . In my mind, there are also caterpillars (Cordyceps spp), or Cordyceps sinensis) , choroš oříš alias (Polyporus umbellatus) , pyrenee (Phellinus linteus) , but I do not even know what they are doing Mutual interactions, and whether it is important to try to combine them or to chase as many different types of fungi as possible. Human knowledge is limited and I only know a small fraction.


| 3.7.2011

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