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A question about treating high pressure

Hello, I have read in the questions (on about the treatment of hypertension. But your answer is not there, so I would be glad to send you the answer you gave the lady. My doctor is probably a faithful copy of the doctor's interviewer. I'm also looking for natural products for high-pressure treatment before I swallow chemical drugs. Unfortunately I have not been successful yet. Thank you for your early reply. BN

Hello Mrs. N.

I was prompted to ask you to treat hypertension. I get a response somewhat later, which I apologize for.

Hypertension and civilization diseases are at least one of the main domains of adaptogen, especially the model adaptogen, which is ginseng right . An article on this topic can be found here: Ginseng Causes Extension of Blood and Blood Pressure Reduction .

I've been answering questions about hypertension on several times. Specifically, hypertension involves queries:

Unfortunately, the website does not state its response (the reasons are listed there).

I hope that despite the delay, my answer will satisfy me in an informative way.




Thank you for your email. I bought a manic-ginseng tablet from Natures Bounty in the pharmacy where they say the capsule contains a fresh root extract. One capsule has 250 g. Now that I have read all the information from you, so I feel I have reached the next. Please answer me.

While searching the internet, I found information about the Chinese caterpillar and its effect is almost the same as the action of the leskokorka you are writing about. Please answer me. Thanks in advance for the information. I'm glad you did the time for me. Thanks again. BN

Dear Mrs N.!

Pharmaceutical forms such as capsules generally have their advantages, but in ginseng capsules, in particular, the key disadvantage is that you can not visually assess what the contents are inside. Taking the capsule also usually causes an insufficient dose of ginseng, where the ginseng leaves the patient with "not acting". This is what I wrote in my Commentary on ginseng products

The 250mg ginseng capsule is totally inadequate

Of course, the 250mg capsule is totally inadequate, at least a reasonable dose should be taken by a patient at least ten daily. In the EU, there is also a totally absurd regulation to limit the maximum recommended daily allowance to 2g, which it deserves only to ignore, just like other regulations on the harmfulness of the juvenile Siesta Squid (because it competes with saccharin), the Sacred Pacific Pig (which is a healthier alternative to sleeping pills) etc.

With slices of 6-year-old ginseng TaiwanTCM Liang of I have a personal experience (because I once helped them to choose). If this 6-year-old ginseng does not take you, then you will know that ginseng does not handle your problems. If you do not take ginseng capsules, you know nothing.

Knowing the effect (or ineffectiveness if it does not) of a true 6-year ginseng will then allow you to judge separately other ginseng products, such as the Korean granulated tea, which you ask in another mail of September 25th, which I answer. For ginseng , unlike other adaptogens (such as glossy glossy lenses ), the patient has the chance to assess the strength of the product to a certain extent, but must start at really high doses so that the patient knows what subjectively observable changes a ginseng has to expect mainly mental activation, and in men also improved erection ).

Comparison of glossy glossy and Chinese caterpillar

Unfortunately, with rogue, careless and selling writers, unreliable information can not be sought just "on the Internet". The first step is to select reliable authors. Such as Prof. Ing. Pavel Valíček, DrSc. In his just published book, "Mushrooms and their curative effects", the Chinese caterpillar contains a whole range of positive health effects, many of which, just as you write, really resemble the glossy glossy effects, long described in the same book. But this is a popular science book and I, as a scientist, do not have the right to drive it. It is my duty to write conservatively so that physicians, patients and those interested in the preventive and adaptogenic effects of these fungi can safely guide what I write. So my answer to this question will be a bit uncomfortable, but I hope it will still satisfy you:

Chinese caterpillar is a sponge that is highly valued in TČM . Traditional Chinese medicine is not unscientific and it is therefore unlikely that the Chinese caterpillar would be therapeutically totally worthless. I therefore agree with the inclusion of Chinese caterpillars among medicinal sponges . But I do not have effects from primary sources and I can not believe popular sources.

With glossy gloss, I am irrevocably reassured that it has anticancer effects on many types of cancer . Glossy glossy I can and I have to recommend to oncologists, oncology patients and people with an increased risk of cancer. The other reported effects of glossy glossy luster are not sufficiently studied from primary sources and can not believe popular sources. But let me guess that at least some of the other (non-oncological) effects of glans will be realistic at least due to the content of effective ganoderic acids. Glossy is therefore most likely to deserve to be included among adaptogens with greater than small efficiency.

Otherwise, I do not mean that I have not studied the Chinese caterpillar, it does not mean I have not read any scientific article about it - I've read a lot of them. But I have no right to trust primary resources and I need to judge their correctness and weight. More specifically, I can say that the Chinese caterpillar I have studied in part, but not so that I can not shame and with 100% confidence in my conclusions about its healing publicly.


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