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Erectile dysfunction

The fall of sexual functions is a natural phenomenon of aging and to a greater or lesser extent, it is felt by all men. According to a large American study, Bacon2006psr confesses to erectile problems with just over 17% of healthy men over 40 years old. Potency has a psychological significance for men, and it also corresponds to the expansion of potency-enhancing products. I have received several queries on this subject and this led me to write this summary. Here I give my comments on specific erection products available at the time of writing this article.

Herbs with a positive effect on erection and male potency

When we study the composition of herbal remedies to improve erection, we may notice that some medicinal plants are still being repeated in them. It is mainly ginseng genuine , and American ginseng , earth bayonnet and arrowheads , and to a lesser extent also Peruvian cress (incorrectly Peruvian ginseng ), Chinese schizandra (Klanopraška) and others. It is also worth mentioning muira puama , one of the most effective plants that suffers from an unjustified ban in the EU. Less safe and doubtful herbs I leave deliberately: Not a safe Yohimbe , dubious cocctitus ( Cuscuta ), poisonous cantaridin ("Spanish fly"),

Ginseng is a reliable means of improving erection and male potency

Ginseng right in the right dose (not milligrams, but honest grams) improves sexual fitness. The effect can be directly observed after the appropriate dose of ginseng and occurs within the hour horizon. The effect of ginseng on the NO cascade is well researched ( Wang2010gri , Kim2013ief , Jang2008rgt ), and everyone can easily practice it. Ginseng goes beyond common aphrodisiacs in that it also improves the physical and mental condition necessary for intimate contact (see also gestational anti-stress effect ). The effect of ginseng adds up to other erectile preparations ( Viagra and its clones, herbal preparations) while being completely safe .

Other herbs improving erection

From a pharmacological point of view, most of the medicinal plants act in a signaling cascade of nitric oxide (NO). Ginseng panaxosides facilitate the production of NO ( Wang2010gri , Kim2013ief , etc.) and also have other, less explored mechanisms ( Sung2011egl ). Ikarin, a cinnamon flavonoid, is an effective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase PDE5A1 ( Dellagli2008pih ), as well as Viagra . The effect of the earthquake remains unclear ( Adaikan2000ppe , Singh2012eaa ). Another promising curative medicinal plant contains the glycoside acteoside with androgenic effects ( Wang2012cdm ), so its traditional use for potency enhancement may not be mere superstition given by the phallic form of this plant. The effect against impotence caused by experimental diabetes has been demonstrated in animals in the Baikal Shihak ( Li2016bes ).

| 24.1.2018