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Acutely occurring tinnitus (whistling in your ear)

Hello, I have read with interest some of your reactions to tinnitus . I have solved tinnitus myself since 11/2011, when I woke up in the morning. Since then I have tried to get used to it in vain. Of course, I have undergone a lot of examinations - MR brain and cervical spine - there are some problems on the cervical spine but nothing dramatic (rehabilitation, I go to massages), I suffer from hypofunction of the thyroid gland (probably also autoimmunity) for several years. Otherwise, only increased triglyc levels. 1x (according to doctor enough). The blood picture is fine and other values are not elevated. I have a slightly worse hearing, the pressure is okay. Uf, I do not know if I forgot something. But now to the core of the poodle, I would like to ask you if you do not have a solution for me ... (what else to expect). I also visited the healer, he did not know anything about me, I go to the ear clinic where I am still in the investigation stage. He's singing in my right ear, a few days better, then again ... worse. I think that's about all, my gratitude for any advice or help will only be understood by the one who's also whistling in his ears. Thank you in advance and I will wait patiently for your answer.


Unfortunately, I find the reader's questions only after the semester and I am therefore clear that, from an acute point of view, my answer is certainly too late. I'm very sorry, because you just wrote a questionable question with a clear specification of problems and health.

On the other hand, adaptogens that have proved to be excellent immunomodulatory and neuroprotective drugs are long-lasting herbs. So if your condition has not improved since the time of your query, adaptogens and especially ginseng would definitely try it. You may have already deducted yourself from already published texts and queries from other readers who have had adaptogeny with success:

Doses in your case may not be high, so just about 2g per day to see if your tinnitum improves or not.


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