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Herbs for improving vision

Hello, Can you advise herb to improve my vision? Thank you for answer. Marcela S.

Hello. While cleaning mailbox I have discovered your mail and I am not sure if I have already replied to it. If not, I'm sorry and I hope my password is better than never, I answer.

From herbs to improve my eyesight I would recommend three types of memory:

  1. Fruit cress (Lycium spp.)
  2. Semena senny tupolisté (Senna obtusifolia, in fact I do not know the Czech name and probably does not exist, maybe I created it correctly)
  3. Skylight (Euphrasia rostkoviana)

The fruits of the pasta are sold dry and can be consumed directly or prepared ( such as in combination with ginseng ), stored in wine, etc., as recommended by Dr. Valíček. Semen senna tupolists, slightly larger than linseed, are used fresh or roasted and also made from it. The lens of a medical skylight, whose potential benefit to his eyes reflects his Slovak and English mellow, is used both externally (for eye rinsing) and for drinking. The candle is prepared as a broth with a short boil (~ 2 minutes) at a dose of about 2g per 200ml of water.


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