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Ginseng in non-sarcoidosis treated with corticosteroids

Hello, I was diagnosed with out-of-body sarcoidosis and started taking Medrol. From the beginning of my troubles I used ginseng because it gave me relief in the manifestations of illness (most helped me from unbearable fatigue ). I would like to ask whether it is safe to continue using ginseng as I started using corticosteroids (I could not find anything relevant to this topic on the Internet).
Kind regards, Honza

Hello. You are right, the relationship between sarcoidosis and ginseng is not really information, this issue has not been examined yet. As usual, I must say that sarcoidosis is a potentially serious illness whose treatment should be managed by a doctor. But if this physician is interested in the view of the biological physiologist, the fact that your ginseng has helped the symptoms of sarcoidosis does not surprise me at all.

Ginseng right is a proven immunomodulatory agent and quite often helps in autoimmune diseases and allergies . I have noticed that where doctors usually prescribe corticosteroids with all their desirable and undesirable effects, it also often helps ginseng. Directly or indirectly, panaxosides have an effect on corticoid receptors , so interaction with MedroL is possible. > Ginseng is not . The basal direction of corticoid action will not change. There is no reason why common use of ginseng and corticoids would not be possible. Ginseng is also effective against fatigue .


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