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Stress and mental stress

Practical summary: Do you suffer from stress? Classify your problems / tasks in 4 classes: (A) urgent and important, (B) urgent and unimportant, (C) non-urgent and important, and (D) non-urgent and unimportant. Then: (1) Solve A, (2) buy about 10 cheap pieces of kitchen ceramics, (3) shout them where they cause you / save B, (4) download where you can read the copying paragraph stress on this page and (5) make a few days of thinking over C.

Notes: S 1 and 5 will help ginseng , schizandra and classical adaptogens ( where to buy? ), With 2 and 3 pocketbooks "How to Tune in Hysterical Outputs". Do not forget to push the door and switch off the cellphone. If you do not even have one, it is a breakdown, and you need extra care (do not underestimate psychiatrists). Step 3 causes extra problems, but speeds up the necessary. If you are not 3, you are either scrabble or poorly sorting problems. Hang up from the outside of the door with a goodbye letter, giving you time to sort out your tasks better. Step 5 may take longer (weeks, months ...)

What is stress?

The word stress has several meanings . Normally, we call it mental stress in the exhaustion phase. In theoretical medicine, however, the word stress has a precise definition: it is the burden, the diverting organism from physiological balance (homeostasis) , the expertly alostatic burden . Like in physics, in theoretical medicine, the relationship of stress, alostatic stress, and homeostasis can be mathematically expressed, which is avoided as a mathematician. Instead, let's take a look at history. The first unified theory of medicine was submitted by Jánoš Selye, who has discovered the mammalian stress response several years earlier - the non-specific response of the organism to a variety of types of stress, including a purely psychological burden. Hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands are involved, whose activity raises levels of stress hormone cortisol. Professionally (and a bit obsolete), the stress response is called Generalized Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) . It is precisely from the phrase "adaptation syndrome" that the adapogenic adaptogene prefix is derived .

Psychic stress and other types of stress

In ordinary speech, "stress" most often denotes psychological or mental stress . Whatever goes, we all know well. We feel the unwelcome mental stress as an unpleasant pressure of environment or circumstances, while we celebrate the welcoming mental stress as so-called adrenaline, for which we operate adrenaline sports. Welcome and unwelcome stress distinguish between the concepts of eustress and distress . Eustres, or compensated stress, is the stress we can adapt to, while distress in the decompensation phase is in danger of crashing to health. In addition to the mental stress includes English word stress various other kinds of stress: physical stress, thermal stress, cold stress, chemical loads , radiation dose, biological ( infectious ) stress, etc. Stress outside mental stress is not just a physical exertion but, in general, all kinds of damaging effects that can deviate from the physiological balance.

Stressfulness of stress

Occasional stress does not harm within acceptable limits and may even help maintain health. An example of useful stress is physical exercise. But the uninterrupted mental stress, typical of members of poorly functioning families and employees of poorly-guided companies, is - as we all know - harmful to health. Personal, family, work problems, cooperative pressure, noise, disturbing influences, inappropriate environment, and inborn predisposition make us constantly lift adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. They increase blood pressure and sugar (glycemia), lead to catabolic processes and postpone repair and relaxation processes "for later". In a stressed state, we do not feel how tired and humiliating the body. While fighting stress can not only be avoided with unpleasant feelings by using powders or hiding under the table, it is also unnecessary to "destroy the nerves"(burdening the body with unnecessary cortisol) when there is no military mission, corporal punishment or retreat, but only a quarrel with the boss, filing testimony, finding new work, quarreling with parents and partner, finding a new partner, parenting, from naughty booty and other similar non-violent activities. Stress tends to overeat, destabilize the immune system, and increase the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and over-the-counter disease. For those interested / affected see alsodestabilizes immunity, and increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and over-the-counter disease during chronic exposure. For those interested / affected see alsodestabilizes immunity, and increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and over-the-counter disease during chronic exposure. For those interested / affected see alsooverweight management and reductive dieting , natural hypertension treatment , natural diabetes treatment , heart disease and immunity .

Anti-stress adaptogens

There is a deep connection between adaptogens and stress.

  • Ginseng , which belongs to herbs with anti-stress effects , is also a model adaptogen. Ginseng active substances - panaxosides - are chemically related to stress hormones (glucocorticoids, the major being cortisol). This statement applies to many herbs - the so-called triterpenoid glycosides, among which panaxosides, are common in the plant kingdom. But unlike plants with a unilateral effect (such as Chinese licorice and its triterpenoid glycoside glycyrrhizin), ginseng has a cortisol and therefore a double, contradictory effect ( Kim2003egs , Gaffney2001pge ), which increases our adaptation range. The effects of adaptogenes on the stress hormone levels were emphasized for illustrative reasonsthe pioneer times of Nikolai Lazareva and Israel of Brechman . These scientists, however, were well aware that the adaptogen spell is not just what they are doing with cortisol. If I had to emphasize some characteristic of adaptogenes as typical for them, it would be the double, contradictory effect that stabilizes the physiological parameters and thus heals health.

    The anti-stress effects of ginseng are well known. Most of the literature on this plant is reported. Its anti-stress effect has been confirmed in animal studies ( Bhattcharyya1999epg , Kim2003egs ) and humans ( Reay2010pgg , Reay2006epg , Angelo1986dpc ). The stabilization of cortisol results in an adrenal gland having the ability to reduce cortisol ( Kim2010aeg , Howard2006gee ), but the weak and lethargic organism activates and strengthens ( Kim2003egs ). Cui2012gre noted with ginsenoside Rb 3 anxiolytic and anti-stress effect. According to Churchill2002npgremoves ginsenoside Rb 1 anxiety feelings in negatively motivated tasks. The anti-stress is Majonosid R 2 acting on the opioid receptors, GABA A and CRH ( Huong1998aem ). Ginsenoside Rc stabilizes cortisol in stressed animals, but not ACTH ( Kim2003egs ).

    For all these reasons, we say that ginseng stabilizes stress . The ability to reduce cortisol in ginsenoside Rc , ginsenoside 20 (S) -Rg 3, and compound K have been reported by Kim2003iii and Kim1998isp . Gaffney2001pge stabilizing effect of ginseng is explained inter alia by simultaneous inhibition of 11-β hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 and catechol-O-methyltransferase, two cortisol metabolising enzymes. And I hardly notice the whole science of the effects of ginseng on stress. Ginseng does not have the ability to magically distract the causes of stress, but will reliably help to take a better mental attitude towards their management. Those interested in this plant will also be interested in its nootropic effectsand ginseng harmlessness .

Now, imagine that there are dozens of plants that can also reliably improve our stress management. We just do not know what they are. We are therefore limited to a group of classical adaptogens of our civilization known for thousands of years.

It will help with stress (if you have it) and the doctor who selects the proven combination of herbs already blended. On the contrary, you have to be very cautious with alcohol, GABA-purified agonists (so-called sleeping pills) and depressant medications, because stressed people are particularly addicted to these relaxants.

Stress management

Stress or, more precisely, mental stress is important in human life. Stress is a natural attribute of effort. You, your colleague, your boss, the President of the Czech Republic, the former President of the Czech Republic, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, each try something. And it is people who are highly placed and rich in these tasks often more than others. It can be said, however, that although the personal situation of different people is very different, the mental stress between them is divided fairly by God - only some of them speak less and others too much chatter. So when we sometimes hear someone say that they "suffer from stress", then we can take the poison that they actually suffer from specific problems in the family, love, school, employment ... These are the specific tasks that can not be solved by the use of poisons other soothing powders . It is therefore unnecessary to be stressed,to buy haremsexual slaves . On the other hand, however, a glass of wine, a pint of beer or other good anxiolytic will calm the mind, making it easier to sleep, and partly to avoid the toxicity of stress. Psychotherapists, folk healers, their cats and sometimes even dogs have their anti-stress tricks. It is still true that each of the stressed individuals must solve their particular problems by themselves. And no general recommendation can be made. Or perhaps one thing: In an acute stress reaction, the hormones of attack or escape - adrenaline and noradrenaline - are released into our blood. Try to learn from it. Your stressful situation may also require an attack (ie an energetic solution) or an escape (filing a statement, asking for divorce ...)

Let's realize that psychic stress is due to our perception. Except for jail and other extreme situations (the loss of loved ones ...), somehow we unconsciously decide how much we stress ourselves. Any patient with cancer who was suddenly forced to completely rethink his goals might be happy to have your worries. This is why we are singing stupid songs such as " Do not worry, be happy " and " Whenever you drink, you are either relaxed ". When the social situation worsens, we need to set our goals ever more modestly. When it gets better, we can get a little more split, but just a little bit.

And how about trying to return to nature and nature - in other words, to what we are accustomed to in evolution? Not everyone has the opportunity to escape into the wild, but we can also get natural in Prague: natural food, natural biorhythm and lighting... Natural fun is to provide us and our family with a cat or other uncastrated pet that has to go outside and thus bring us closer to the wild. Uncrowned for your daughter to see how the cat is genuinely looking after a five-part series of babies, and then she's ashamed that she did not have a baby when she was 19. When she gets up, she'll get the natural profession of a home manager and a salary he / she will acquire the first college diploma. I have the experience that a cat such a five-digit series of babies will relieve stress for about 10 years. This is shown, for example, by the fact that the dwarfed young cats often get a slimmer line, although they do not have to stash fat in the stresses in case they are exported too far behind the town.

We will hand over the Samsung Galaxy to buy used electronics, and we'll be giving extractors to the New Space vendors who will tell you their stories in return. This will help you better estimate how much and what you actually have to stress. And if you still like to stress, do not mind. I like to swear again. Try also to cry out loudly in the wilderness somewhere in the high rock. But some shouting alone is not good enough, and they have to make a circus at home in front of their wife and mother-in-law, or even in front of the presidential palace or in another well-visible public place. This is how my mom like to make hysterical outings at weddings and other gatherings of her enemies, for which she likes to participate in family celebrations. She did not cry out. She has always been well prepared for her performance. After each successfully sabotaged family feast, there was a well-concealed feeling of satisfaction on her face,that he was just seeing how he smiles blissfully under the stone mask. It has relieved her of her stress for at least half a year, then she had to invent something new.A group of bombers who later shot Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Rabin would like to draw attention to the fact that they were thrown into a moving stream of cars in the middle section of the Haifa highway to Tel Aviv. Try also to take part in anarchist demonstrations and do not forget the green bomb, heavy boots and cobblestones. Or, just drive to the crowded Chernobyl zone, Russian and Japanese scientists have found that weak radiation on the subliminal level also has an adaptogenic effect ( Karpan1999lie , Yonezawa2006irb ). A trip to Chernobyl, which is not dear , do not underestimate, it could be the best vacation for you to think about your real problems.

If you prefer less extreme adrenaline sports, such as skiing, gardening, admission to a reduction diet , or jump from Nuselakus, you can adaptogeny and grow, if you do not believe gardening is an adrenaline sport that never had slides in the garden. Perhaps such a ginseng does not grow easily in our country, but the antidepressant baykalis will grow. And if you were to have a bad luck, like me with a medical goat , you can still buy the adaptogens and try it practically. For the most important adaptogen - ginseng - I wrote a little practical guide to use . But do not forget the sage already mentionedthe stonemason , the aforementioned balm and the passion flower , St. John's wort, and perhaps lavender . Or finally tell your husband that you are excited about the concept of bondage and sex abuse , and then tell the details of your ideas to a pair lesson with Lady Aradi's psychologist or practical sexist Julia Gaia Poupetová, who has a diploma from us from the Faculty of Physiology and Developmental Biology of the UK. But do not expect miracles, there are about 500 years of delay in the Vatican, even though they have been good for the past 200 years. As I said, the anti-stress adaptogens do not work miracles and will not remove your stress - they will only help you not succumb and resist stressing for a long time in a high and blessed age. Pert, fuck yourself and break your neck.

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