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91. ginsenoside 20 (S) -Rg2

ginsenoside 20 ( S ) -Rg2

It is a damaran, protopanaxatriol panaxoside:

ginsenoside 20 (S) -Rg2

R1 = H
R 2 = Glc 2-1 Rha
R3 = H
R 4 = H

  • In the rat model of brain damage by temporary occlusion and reperfusion a. Cerebri media it has been shown that pxsd. Rg 2 (unspecified chirality) protects neurons from apoptosis and prevents memory damage and other CNS functions. ( Zhang2008pgg )
  • The PC12 cell model (rat) showed the ability to protect neurons from glutamate toxicity. Chirality of pxsd used. Rg 2 was not worded in the publication, but the structure is pxsd. Rg 2 in one of the figures shows a 20 (S) molecule. ( Li2007peg )
  • Ginsenoside 20 (S) Rg 2 counteracted deterioration of registration and negative impediment in rats whose memory was impaired by the administration of the sedative antihistamine cyproheptadine. ( Ma1993e2c )
  • Gssd. Rg 2 , compound K and protopanaxatriol aglycon act inhibitory to the neuronal form of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (α3β4) and their effect is selectively influenced by interaction with BSA protein (bovine albumin). ( Lee2003deb )
  • On the HUVEC (human umbilical vein endothelial cell) model, it reduces the expression of molecules associated with atherosclerosis. ( Cho2013gri )

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