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Purchased ginseng extract

Hello, after reading your pages, I better understand the things and the essence of ginseng. I started using ginseng a couple of weeks ago, but I'm taking the purchased extract, it's definitely not as good as ginseng root, but after your experience, I wanted to ask if you have any experience with this product ?: Panax ginseng extractum CA Meyer, Pine Brand, Song Shu Pai , A 6-year-old red ginseng root that says it contains 2000mg panax ginseng in 10ml. Thanks in advance for your reply and yours. Markéta

Hello, Mrs. Markéto

At the essence of ginseng, it is most important to realize that it is not mystical, but chemical. For the effects of owing to their discovery we owe the TCM doctors who only feel confident when prescribing them. I approach ginseng from the position of science in the footsteps of I. Brechman, the author of the term adapogen . Since his time, thousands of scientific works have been written about ginseng, more than any other plant. It would be desirable to comprehend these results and to present them in a uniform way, which I am trying to achieve. Specific ginseng indications and dosage are expressed only as an informed laic knowingly using the fact that ginseng is completely harmless.

As for your purchased product, I do not have experience with it. I can not judge his quality, I would have to guess. If we assume that "2g ginseng information per 10ml extract" is true and really is a 6-year-old red ginseng, there are still other degrees of freedom that we do not know about the material used. In any case it would be a relatively weak extract, about 1: 5 by weight. For a long-term strengthening of the body, you must take it daily for 10ml or more. The production of a gentle ginseng extract of 1: 5 is the power of anyone who has ginseng root, fine alcohol, good quality water and a bottle of bottling - you can also make it by yourself: instructions for making ginseng tincture .


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