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Ginseng for a reduced appetite?

Hello! Tell me where to buy Chinese ginseng root for tea. I would like to try to restrict my appetite. I work in Prague, otherwise I'm from South Moravia. Thank you for answer. Health H.

Dear Mrs H.,

the question of where to buy high-quality, affordable ginseng and other adaptogens I get quite often. That's why I gave her a separate page (see the link above).

Ginseng and weight loss

Genus Genesis ( Panax ginseng actually limits glycemia and affects PPAR receptors , making it suitable for athletes and diabetics .) The article on ginseng overweight has not yet been fully documented but overweight management has several planes and one of them is maintaining good mood and treatment Ginsenoside Rb 1 has anxiolytic properties, and therefore it has anti-anxiety and depression, and several other ginsenosides have analgesic or anti-inflammatory effects , so ginseng helps in this respect, on the other hand, if ginseng improves your health condition, it can to show it by improving the appetite, as well as when someone stops smoking and his health improves. Ginseng is an adaptogen and is not an anorectic in the true sense of the word.

About weight loss in general

For effective overweight treatment, you must meet many other prerequisites and rules . Like eating breakfast, not eating 4 hours before bedtime, sleeping for 8 hours, weighing daily, etc. The worst is that he does not even know exactly what the rules are . As I have already written, our energy accounting system is very clever and inscrutable. Even lean people will not stand a voluntary fast. In fitness centers, you will meet many slim people who have the opposite problem - their control system will not allow them to gain weight. There are also individual differences. When someone controls control, they can cause illnesses such as anorexia, bruxia, etc. Psychiatrists know this. Just the most important rule is never to stop. You will surely have transient successes and failures. There is also a mechanism that will take your will of your power when your free activity leads to something that vegetative centers will evaluate as self-harm. In this case, do not close your eyes, do not let into lethargy, keep watch and watch negative development until you stop it again. In such a period, you do not have to limit yourself to food at all but follow the weighing rule. If you persist with open eyes for a long time (that is, with a look at the dial on a morning weighing), you are guaranteed that your effort will be as successful as it is possible to construct your hypothalamic center of hunger and saturation.


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