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I use ginseng and I do not feel change

Hello, I'm using the root of a six-year-old ginseng . I started with three slices a day, after three days I did not feel anything and so I raised to five and I still feel no change, am I doing something wrong? Thank you, S.

Dear Sir S.!

Thank you for your response. If I wanted to be brief as Karol Sidon, I would answer a short no. But I decided, despite the shortness of your query, to make this answer a little longer, because the echoes like yours come from time to time . For those who are here for the first time, I add that we are not addressing the issue of the effectiveness of ginseng as such - it has been scientifically resolved 50 years ago (look for "ginseng" in Medline ) and it is only now refined.

Ginseng probably is using correctly

Do not tell if you are taking ginseng for 5 days or 50 days . If you eat 5 slices of 6-year-old red ginseng daily, the active ingredients contained in it after purification and crystallization have a weight of almost 1 whole slices. This is a long-term benefit, whether you are suffering from cardiovascular , immune or nervous effects. Numerical expression will offer the ginseng dosing calculator over time for specific effects , but this is only in the functional design phase, for unusable practice.

If you are only taking ginseng for feelings, you may be disappointed

I myself have once approached the ginseng with no expectations and subjectively I was surprised by his mental activation . I compared it to amphetamine or cocaine, but I did not have a personal experience with it. (I just noticed that my scraps of ginsliness suspiciously resemble Sigmund Freud's clues about the cocaine he had been dropped off.) On the other hand, people who had experience with narcotics were in all cases disappointed with ginseng. They said that, compared to amphetamines, "nothing" was ginseng that "could not be compared at all". Perhaps I should change the way of writing so that the psychotic effects of ginseng do not create unrealistic ideas.

From ginseng, you will not experience changes in the perception of alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, cocaine, amphetamines, opioids (like Alnagon), etc. Ginseng also does not act as caffeine , which will prolong the activity in the short term, but only takes a long time. Ginseng has both excited and calming ingredients. When we neglect the long-term changes in brain gene expression, we can say that the short-term effect of panaxosides on brain receptors is "soft" - with binding constants ~ 50μg / ml, which corresponds to a single dose of several tens of grams of ginseng per person. In these doses, ginseng consumes only Koreans and I do not dare to mention this in dosage recommendations . Ginseng is a theoretically harmless adaptogen, but practically some people perceive doses of 3-4g as too much . Other effects of such ginseng dose are unnecessary - eg neuroprotective effect (against hangover, intoxication, inflammation ...) has an EC 50 of less than 1μg / ml ( Hong2009aes ), so it occurs to the extent necessary when dosing 1g of red ginseng per day and person.


Of the many effects of ginseng , only its effect on the psyche and effect on erection can be subjectively detected. If you do not notice these effects in a medium-term (~ 10 days) day of 10g of ginseng per day, it means that there is an unknown factor in the game that makes these specific effects impossible and can not be identified remotely. It may be your individual characteristic, or some factor from your environment. It is unlikely that this "ineffectiveness" would apply to all aspects of ginseng, but I understand that doubts may arise in the absence of subjective effects. Unfortunately, I am not afraid again at a distance. You must decide whether you will continue to increase dosing, or stop using ginseng, or you will, in spite of the absence of apparent effects, take long-term use in low doses as a result of faith in the science and experience of TCM . Ginseng is by no means a living necessity. Those who do not use it will save if they have previously made sure that they do not pay for unprofitable alcoholic beverages, coffee, energy drinks (= caffeine acid), sedatives, antipyretics / analgesics out of the prescription, ...


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